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Document Submission and Pickup

All requests require a "5-7 working day" processing time from the day after assigning your case with a staff member. To help meet your needs in a timely manner, we request you plan in advance when submitting documentation to our office.

Submission of documentation can be done by email at, (For Alumni on OPT only), or in-person at our office.

Email Submission:

Unless otherwise noted, submission requests should be by email. DO NOT submit requests by email and in-person simultaneously. This may greatly delay the processing of your request.

Important note: All email communication should include your student ID in the subject line.

  • Employment application submissions for CPT or OPT-X
  • Updates to current non-immigrant status
  • Change of degree level or program extension requests
  • Reduced Course Load forms
  • Another school’s Transfer In form, ISSSO’s Transfer Out form and admissions letter
  • Inter-Institutional concurrent enrollment forms for graduate
  • students (specific agreements between UH & other schools)
  • Social Security letter requests (pick-up is only in-person)
  • Adding or removing dependents from your form I-20 or DS-2019
  • Submission of concurrent enrollment evidence (schedule & grades)

The following updates to your I-20 or DS-2019 can be done by using our Reprint Request form found by visiting our forms and publications page and submitting by email.

  • Reprints for travel, lost, stolen, or damaged documents
  • F1 I-20 Updates for OPT, OPT-X, or H1-B Cap-Gap
  • Change of Major, Financial Updates, Personal Information Updates, etc.

Note: Due to updated guidance from SEVP, form I-20’s can be sent by email. This will be our form of communication unless otherwise requested by you to pick-up the original. Social security applications will require an original form I-20 or one that is electronically signed. DS-2019’s cannot be sent by email and has to be picked up in-person with original signature.

Our Online Letter Request System can help you get necessary letters virtually which include:

  • Enrollment verification
  • Enrolling at another school (keeping your SEVIS record at UH):
    • Concurrent enrollment (at the same time as classes at UH)
    • Transient enrollment (temporarily during UH school breaks)
  • Invitation (for graduation, visit, or for dependent visa)

You can access the request letters online by visiting our page.

In-Person Submission and Pick-Up are Available for These Requests:

  • Travel endorsements on current form I-20 or DS-2019
  • Pick-up original form I-20 (by student only) or DS-2019
  • Letters for various needs, such as:
    • Financial expenses
    • Social Security Card application
    • Foreign verification of enrollment for tuition purposes
  • J-1 Exchange Visitor Check-In and submission of immigration documents

You may come to ISSSO in order to gather information regarding your status, events, or other relevant benefits. These may include:

  • Applications for ISSSO scholarships
  • Exchange Visitor insurance options
  • Submission of changed non-immigrant status
  • Pick-up ISSSO forms or handouts
  • Reporting intended departure from the U.S. after completing your studies
  • Review of ISSSO registration holds