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Optional Practical Training Self Report

According to the federal regulations [8 CFR 214.(f)], F-1 students are responsible for reporting the address, employer’s name and address, and any periods of employment and unemployment while on OPT. ISSSO is responsible for updating the student’s SEVIS record to reflect these changes. This reporting responsibility is an on-going requirement.

OISSS has created the OPT Self Report for you to submit this information to our office. OISSS will then update your SEVIS record. You can fill out this form via our website; however, you will also need to email, fax, or mail OISSS a copy of your EAD Card (front and back) and any I-797/ I-485 notices you may have received.Complete all seven steps prior to submitting the OPT Self Report

  • Confirm Reporting Dates
  • Student Information
  • OPT Card Information
  • Employer Information
  • Supervisor Information
  • Auxillary Information
  • Review & Submit

Contact OISSS IT person, Lalitha or Roopa , if you encounter technical difficulties with the form.