Technical Reports - 2010 - University of Houston
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Technical Reports - 2010


A Global Spatial Similarity Optimization Scheme to Track Large Numbers of Dendritic Spines in Time-Lapse Confocal Microscopy
Qing Li, Zhigang Deng, Yong Zhang, Xiaobo Zhou, U. Valentin Nager, and Stephen T.C. Wong
October 27, 2010


Efficient Data-Sensitive Techniques for Parallel Retrieval of Keyword-indexed Information
Rakesh M. Verma, S.L. Narayanan, H.Liu, and A.Gupta
October 20, 2010


Meta-Searching: Should Search Engine Rankings be Aggregated
Rakesh M. Verma and Mykyta Fastovets
September 23, 2010


Profile-Based 3D-Aided Face Recognition
B. Efray, E. Ismailov, S. Shah, and I. A. Kakadiaris
September 15, 2010


A Polynomial Algorithm for Uniqueness of Normal Forms of Linear Shallow Term Rewrite Systems
Julian Zinn and Rakesh Verma
August 25, 2010


Power-Aware Online Dynamic Scheduling for Multiple Feasible Intervals
Bo Liu, Fang Liu, Jian Lin and Albert MK Cheng
June 23, 2010


Determining Actual Response Time in P-FRP
Chaitanya Belwal and Albert M.K. Cheng
June 28, 2010


Document Map and WN-SUM: A New Framework for Automatic Text Summarization and a First Implementation
Rakesh Verma and Felix Filozov
April 22, 2010


Influence of the Progress Engine on the Performance of Asynchronous Communication Libraries
Edgar Gabriel
May 3, 2010


Performance of General Graph Isomorphism Algorithms
S. Voss and Jaspal Subhlok
Revised March 24, 2010


Context-Aware Motion Diversification for Crowd Simulation
Qin Gu and Zhigang Deng
February 28, 2010