Technical Reports - 2008 - University of Houston
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Technical Reports - 2008


Fast Filtering Heuristics for Perfect Bipartite Matchings
Rakesh M. Verma and Jack Wiedrick
December 20, 2008


Robust Topology Engineering in Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Networks
Cunqing Hua and Rong Zheng
January 17, 2009


Redundancy Tolerant Communication on Volatile Nodes
Nagarajan Kanna, Jaspal Subhlok,Edgar Gabriel,Margaret Cheung and David Anderson
December 05, 2008


Obstacle Discovery in Distributed Actuator and Sensor Networks
Rong Zheng and Amit Pendharkar
December 20, 2008


A Note on An NP-completeness Proof for Cryptographic Protocol Insecurity
Zhiyao Liang and Rakesh M. Verma
October 05, 2008


Complexity of Checking Freshness of Cryptographic Protocols
Zhiyao Liang, Rakesh M. Verma
September 27, 2008


Compression of Human Motion Capture Data Using Motion Pattern Indexing
Qin Gu, Jingliang Peng† and Zhigang Deng
September 02, 2008


Modeling and Analysis of LEAP, a Key Management Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Rakesh M. Verma † and Bailey E. Basile ‡
August 08, 2008


An Algorithm to Detect Stepping-Stones in the Presence of Chaff Packets
Ying-Wei Kuo and Shou-Hsuan Stephen Huang
July 23, 2008


Discovering Regional Co-location Patterns for Sets of Continuous Variables in Spatial Datasets
Christoph F. Eick, Rachana Parmar, Wei Ding, Tomasz Stepinski1, Jean-Philippe Nicot
July 9, 2008


Construction and Evaluation of Coordinated Performance Skeletons
Qiang Xu and Jaspal Subhlok
May 26, 2008


Efficient Discovery of Loop Nests in Communication Traces of Parallel Programs
Qiang Xu and Jaspal Subhlok
May 26, 2008


"Logicalization" of MPI Communication Traces
Qiang Xu, Ravi Prithivathi, Jaspal Subhlok and Rong Zheng
May 26, 2008


A Quantitative Comparison of Checkpoint with Restart and Replication in Volatile Environments
Rong Zheng anf Jaspal Subhlok
June 23, 2008


Expressive Speech Animation Synthesis with Phoneme-Level Controls
Zhigang Deng and Ulrich Neumann
April 20, 2008


A Multi-Dimensional Data Organization That Assists In The Parsing And Production Of A Sentence
W. Faris and K. Cheng
March 28, 2008


An Object-Oriented Approach In Representing And Parsing The English Grammar
W. Faris and K. Cheng
February 28, 2008


Real Cryptographic Protocol with an Insider Attacker: Improving Techniques for Proving Undecidability of Checking Security Goals
Zhiyao Liang and Rakesh M. Verma
February 27, 2008


Robust Channel Assignment for Link-level Resource Provisioning in Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Networks
Cunqing Hua, Rong Zheng and Song Wei
February 25, 2008