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Evacuation Plan

The key to a successful evacuation is planning. Each resident must familiarize himself/herself with their respective residence hall’s evacuation plan. Residents should also take the following tips:

• Know at least two exits other than the elevators

• Know campus emergency numbers 3-3333 or 911

• Participate in all fire drills and take them seriously

• Know your meeting place outside • Remain outside the building until allowed back in by UH police officers

• Stop whatever you are doing

• Grab your personal possessions quickly

• Do not take time to gather more things than you can quickly find

• DO NOT WAIT! Walk to the nearest exit

• If your nearest exit is blocked, move immediately to another exit

• If you need assistance with evacuation, please notify your Residence Life Coordinator. If a Fire Alarm sounds everyone is required to evacuation the building



Residential Life Coordinator

Bayou Oaks


Calhoun Lofts


Cougar Place


Cougar Village I

713.743.6823 or 713.743.6068

Cougar Village II

713.743.6847 or 713.743.6924

Moody Towers

713.743.6051 or 713.743.6050



 Bayou Oaks Evac

 Lofts evac

CP Evac

Cougar Village

Moody Evac

Quad Evac