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What It Is & Why We Celebrate

Cougar Red Friday is one of the University of Houston's main traditions. It occurs every week on Friday, and all you have to do to participate is wear anything red! A T-shirt, pants, a scarf, even your makeup can be red. Celebrating each Friday allows Cougars to show off our school spirit and provides a sense of unity on campus.

Wearing red on Friday is more than just a tradition; it is who we are. We wear red to show our pride and passion for the University. It is our visual identity. The color unites us, to live and celebrate together, and behold our individual achievements as a singular legacy of pride. We encourage our campus, community, and those all around the city to wear Red on Fridays.

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Incentives to Wear Red

Dining Discounts

Numerous dining locations on campus (including UH at Sugar Land) are offering special discounts for students who wear red on Fridays!

Selfie Spots

These pop-up stations on campus are here to give Coogs a chance to show off their Cougar Pride! Wear any piece of red clothing, stop by one of these backdrops, snap a selfie, and post it under the #CougarRedFridays hashtag on social media! We'll pick out a few of the best to be featured on this site!

Where are they?

Check out the Legacy Room (Red Room) in the Student Center South to see where you can stop and snap a pic of your best Cougar Red.

Dr. Dan's CRF Challenge

Shasta's violations

After noticing one too many Coogs not wearing red on Friday, Shasta was forced to take things into his own hands.

Paint the town (and campus) red with one of our giveaway t-shirts!

Your school pride will get a whole lot more stylish with our second giveaway t-shirt. #GoCoogs

Casual in red, fierce in spirit.

Students showing off their Cougar Pride!

Gear up & flaunt your Cougar Red.

Upcoming Events

Partners in Red