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Consumer Information

This webpage provides a comprehensive location for links to information about the University of Houston on a variety of subjects that may be helpful to prospective students, their families, high school counselors, and coaches, as well as prospective employees, current students, and current employees. This information is presented to comply with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, which requires institutions of higher education to disclose information and reports on various aspects of the institution's policies, procedures, operations, and costs; and to comply with state rules.

Non-Loan Related Disclosure Requirements

Student Financial Assistance

General Institutional Information

Health and Safety

Student Outcomes

Intercollegiate Athletic Program

Voter Registration

Student Complaints

Student Complaints may be filed through the following processes, which are further described on these websites:

Note: Prior to the THECB initiating an investigation of a complaint, the complainant must exhaust all of UH’s grievance and appeal procedures. Please see UH Student Handbook for complaint/grievance information. The student must also inform the THECB of the outcome of the grievance and appeal procedures and provide copies of all documentation pertaining to the grievance.

All submitted complaints to THECB must include a student complaint form, a signed Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Consent and Release Form, and a THECB Consent and Agreement Form. Submitted complaints regarding students with disabilities shall also include a signed Authorization to Disclose Medical Record Information form. All forms can be found on THECB website.

Contact information at THECB: Inquiries should be directed to

Texas rules relating to THECB Student Complaint Procedure can be found at 19 Texas Administrative Code, 1.110 et sec.

Disclosure Requirements Relating to Education Loans