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Faculty Awards and Honors

Moores Professors

  • Hart
  • O’Brien

Distinguished University Professors

  • Martin [Retired]
  • Melosi  [Emeritus]

Endowed Chairs

  • Horne [Moores, African-American History]
  • McNally [Cullen, Business History]
  • Takriti [Arab American Educational Foundation, Modern Arab History] 
  • Pratt [Emeritus Cullen, Business History]
  • Palmer [Emeritus Cullen, Legal History]

College and University Positions

  • Romero [HFAC/CLASS]

Book Prizes

• Achenbaum • O’Brien
• Buzzanco • Palmer
• Cong • Perales
• Deyle • Pratt [multiple]
• Hart [multiple] • Ramos [mulitple]
• Hernández [multiple] • Reed
• Holt • San Miguel
• Horne [multiple] • Tillery
• Martin [multiple] • Vaughn
• Melosi [multiple] • Walther [multiple]
• Milanesio • Young

Article Prizes

• Clavin • O’Brien
• Hart • Patterson
• Holt • Perales
• Melosi • Pratt
• Milanesio  

Teaching Award

• Hernández
• Holt [multiple]
• Klieman
• Curry [multiple] • Neumann
• Decker [multiple] • Pratt [multiple]
• Clavin • Reed
• Fishman • Romero [multiple]
• Schafer • Perales
• Hopkins • Goldberg
• Hart [multiple] • Young

Farfel Award

  • Melosi

UH Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship

  • Decker
  • Fishman
  • Melosi


  • Buzzanco [Bernath Lecture Prize, Marine Corps Fellowship]
  • Decker [Carlson Award in History of Psychiatry]
  • Holt [Aristotle Prize, Greek Government]
  • Melosi [Distinguished Service Award from the American Society for Environmental History]

Internal University of Houston Grants and Fellowships

  • Everyone

Series Editorships at University Presses

  • Pratt, Oil and Business History at Texas A & M University Press
  • Melosi (with Joel Tarr), History of the Urban Environment at University of Pittsburgh Press
  • Martin, Critical Historical Encounters at Oxford University Press


  • Achenbaum, Member, World Economic Forum council on Gerontology
  • Kellogg, President, Rocky Mountain Conference on Latin American Studies
  • Melosi, President, Urban History Association; President, National Council on Public History; President, American Society for Environmental History; and President, the Public Works Historical Society.
  • Perales, Board Member, Humanities Texas
  • San Miguel, President of the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies

Visiting Scholar/Professor

  • Pratt [Harvard, Dept. Of Energy]

Visiting Social Historian

  • Reed [Princeton University]


Our department is proud of the vital and expansive role we’ve had in the community and in media. It would be impossible to list every community group or media outlet to which we have spoken or by which we’ve been interviewed, but we have communicated to and educated the Houston community, and in fact, the world, in ways that no other academic endeavor really can. We can speak to the crucial issues facing society of war and peace, race relations, religious strife, environmental issues, and virtually every other topic.

History department faculty have been interviewed by or written op-ed pieces for, among others, The New York Times, NPR, CNN, BBC, U.S. News & World Report, The Washington Post, The Financial Times, The Guardian (London), The Economist, The Independent (London), National Zeitung (Munich), Al-Jazeera, Christian Science Monitor, The Houston Chronicle, National Geographic, The Smithsonian,, Palestine Chronicle, Pakistan Times,, Islamic News Network, La Prensa (Managua), El Diario Hoy (San Salvador), History News Network, all major television affiliates, all local radio stations as well as many national stations, newspapers in most major cities, and countless other media.