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About History at UH

The Department of History offers the Bachelor of Arts in History, the Bachelor of Arts in History with Teacher Certification, a minor in History, the Master of Arts in History, and the Doctor of Philosophy in History.

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Why major in History?

What Kinds of Skills Does a History major provide you? A knowledge-based view of the U.S. and world, including a systemic understanding of human institutions; strong analytical and critical thinking skills; excellent oral and written communication skills; experience using technology in research and presentation of findings; ability to work both independently and as part of a group; and the ability to both manage details and to see the big picture.

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    The University of Houston
    3553 Cullen Boulevard Room 524
    Houston, TX 77204-3003
    (713) 743-3083


  • Erin Y. Jackson
    Office Assistant
    Agnes Arnold Hall (AH) 524
    (713) 743-3083

    Dr. Philip A. Howard
    Department Chair

  • Aarti Sharma
    Undergraduate Advisor
    Agnes Arnold Hall (AH) 517
    (713) 743-3608
  • Daphyne Pitre
    Graduate Advisor
    Agnes Arnold Hall (AH) 524
    (713) 743-3086