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Opportunities to Give

Opportunities to Give

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Endowments make the difference in students pursuing their dreams or simply watching from the sidelines. We need social workers – the professionals who are on the front lines addressing critical human needs from birth to death – for all of us.

GCSW Scholarship Fund fosters student success as they navigate the program and embark on their professional journeys. In this era of escalating education costs surpassing the growth in starting social work salaries, your support becomes increasingly vital for social work students, empowering them to inspire action and lead change.

Renovation of the Social Work Building prepares the GCSW for the changes in delivery of education in the 21st Century by creating open meeting spaces for visitors and students, using space more efficiently through design based on anticipated needs for instruction, learning, and research. As a result, it raises GCSW in national rankings by increasing the quality of students’ experience, improves potential for recruiting and retaining higher caliber students and faculty, and builds on the impact the GCSW already has nationally and internationally.

The Austin Legislative Internship is one of very few opportunities nationally for social work students to participate full-time in the legislative policy-making process. Students report that this is an incredible and useful learning experience, one that often changes their life. Clinical interns often find that they better understand how policy impacts practice and feel more equipped to support their agencies in advocating for policies to meet clients’ needs. Macro students gain valuable insight into the policy-making process and are competitive for policy advocacy jobs requiring prior legislative experience.

Social Justice Initiatives: With a vision to achieve social, racial, economic, and political justice, the GCSW has opportunities to support new and established initiatives that allow underrepresented populations to engage broader communities in meaningful and stimulating conversation, research, and training.

Questions about giving?

Contact Tyrone Jimmison at 713-743- or tmjimmison@uh.edu. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of GCSW students and faculty.