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Alumni & Career Services

In – person and Zoom appointments for Resume and Job Search are available for GCSW students and alumni. Email Ann Liberman to schedule.

Alumni and Career Services provides the key that unlocks the door to lifelong professional contacts in the social work community and educational opportunities that provide a solid foundation for continued professional growth and edification in the field. Networking events engage the busy professional with others in the field to maintain current knowledge of trends and practices in social work and to provide an invaluable pool of experts eager to share knowledge in all areas of the profession.

Career Services offers the complete range of activities, events and programs that serve as the springboard for a career in social work and a ladder of upward professional development. Opportunities abound with relevant social work job postings, effective resume and cover letter writing classes, licensing information and preparation sessions, successful interviewing skills training, networking skill-building, and job placement assistance. A Job Board is available at no charge to employers and is unique in that it targets only positions relevant to social work candidates and seasoned social work professionals.

The Office of Career and Alumni Services is your lifelong link to current students and professionals working in the field. It forges an important alliance between the acquisition of knowledge in the academic sector and the acquisition of social work experience in the employment sector.