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Practicum Education

Practicum Office Mission 

The Graduate College of Social Work Practicum Office is dedicated to facilitating connection between knowledge and experience to empower meaningful growth, leadership and social work identity.


Practicum is an essential component of the College's professional education for social work practice. The purpose of practicum is to provide students with opportunities for development, integration, and reinforcement of competence through performance in actual service delivery situations. As students undertake learning within the reality of agency life, theory from the classroom is applied, skills are developed and refined, and attitudes and values are examined. Students are afforded opportunities for analysis of the effects of social policy on programs and services, opportunities for the development of research questions in relation to practice efforts, and opportunities for evaluation of practice interventions.

Practicum is the primary pedagogy or learning modality for social work education. The GCSW provides various methods for connecting with affiliated agencies to support practicum experiences. The UH-GCSW is affiliated with over 200 social service agencies in the Greater Houston area and beyond. Practicum instruction is provided by qualified, affiliated social workers and supported by clinical faculty from the College.