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Special Events Liability

This insurance provides coverage to third party participants and/or spectators at select sponsored events off campus that contractually require the University to provide General Liability coverage.

Types of events can include:

  • Graduations
  • Recruitment programs
  • Award programs
  • Theatrical productions
  • Sporting events 

The policy protects the University and the hosting facility against claims by third parties who may sustain bodily injury or property damage as a result of participating in the sponsored event. Coverage is available to list the hosting facility as an Additional Insured with a Waiver of Subrogation, but only if they require it in a written executed contract.

Risk Management must be notified if insurance is needed prior to an event, as the coverage will not extend to an event if it is not scheduled. Underwriting requires at least a week's timeframe to ensure that the event can be covered under this policy.

Contact Risk Management for details.