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The University of Houston System is focused on the minimization of risk to the greatest extent possible. The Risk Management department analyses the potential for risk and purchases insurance policies when it has been determined that there is a significant potential for loss. Recognizing the need for a systematic and coordinated approach to the handling of risk, the University of Houston has established a Risk Management Policy.

Certificate of Insurance requests for the University's insurance policies should be emailed to Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.

Risk Management has been delegated duties relating to the administration of this policy, which includes managing insurance/self-insurance programs and overseeing claims for all campuses in the University of Houston System. Risk Management allocates insurance expenses to the appropriate campuses and departments for several of the insurance policies. The premium is allocated to the department requesting the coverage. When requesting insurance to be purchased, an insurance coverage & authorization for premium payment form needs to be completed by the department and sent to


For information regarding insurance premium payment by department procedures, or property claim procedures and payments, please review the current University procedure.


The policies listed on this site are not all inclusive. For additional information or inquiries, please contact the Risk Management department at