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Claims Reporting


It is imperative that Risk Management is made aware of any incident that occurs on campus that could be considered a claim within 1-2 business days. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • An employee who is injured
  • If someone who is not an employee is injured on campus 
  • University vehicles or golf carts involved in an accident
  • Property damage to University owned property

When reporting property claims, copy your College or Division Administrator on the email to Risk Management and all correspondence regarding the claim. 

Claims Reporting

Workers' Compensation

Follow this link for instructions: Workers' Compensation Claims


Drivers must contact Risk Management to provide all information needed to report the accident to our insurance carrier and to establish a claim for physical damage if applicable. The Auto Accident Report form should be completed by the University Driver.


Complete the Property Loss Notification form and submit to Risk Management when there is property damage. Risk Management must be made aware of property damage as soon as practicable. 

Be sure to copy your College or Division Administrator on any email correspondence to Risk Management including the initial report of damages.

Once Risk Management has been made aware of the damage, you should use the Property Claim Checklist as a guide on what information to collect to document your claim. All items should be inventoried using the personal property/contents claim tracking form

Items that may be needed:

  • Photos of damaged property
  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders

Do not throw away any damaged property until after Risk Management has had an opportunity to review the claim. The insurance adjusters may need to see the damaged property, so it is best to not throw anything out, even if it is a complete loss, until after Risk Management's review.  

The College or Division Administrator must be copied on all communications, submissions, or other contacts with Risk Management which includes meetings. 

The System maintains a $250,000 deductible on its property insurance coverage for most perils or as outlined in the property insurance policy. Specifically regarding Named Storms, there is a deductible of 2% of the value per Unit of Insurance as reported on the latest statement of values, subject to a minimum of $500,000 for any one occurrence.

Each university is responsible for the full applicable deductible for each claim.

Insurance claims payments will not provide any compensation until the cost of damage exceeds the deductible. For UH Main campus, the departmental deductible is $25,000. 

General Liability

Accidents or incidents which create a possible liability against the University must be reported promptly to your Campus Risk Management Contact. The Student/Visitor Incident Form must be completed by the student or visitor, and the Tort Liability Incident Report form should be completed by the department if required by Risk Management.

All Other Claims

Contact Risk Management immediately of any incident that may be a potential claim.