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Special Events

Fitness Challenges and Programs

Campus Recreation Fitness challenges and programs will motivate you to move your body and is a great way to help you stick to those workout resolutions whether you are a beginner or an expert. Join us on the last Wednesday of every month for the potential to win a prize and have fun!

If you're looking for a competitive advantage, attend our Coog Fit workshops at the beginning of the month to master your form and increase your strength to directly apply to these challenges!

November: Body Weight Rep Challenge

We observe Veterans Day on November 11 every year. To honor our troops, this challenge will incorporate military-style body weight exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, and squats. Our challenge will test how quickly participants can do 15 reps of each style of exercise. Visit our fitness desk for more questions and to participate! Challenge winners will receive an intramural champion t-shirt.

Stress-Free Finals  | 12 Days of Well-Being Challenge

Your best way to an A on your finals is you. Join us as we help you gear up, clear up your mind, and get through finals. Spend time each day focusing on your well-being through resources available to you throughout the year. 

  • Attend Yoga Power Nap as indicated on the group fitness schedule
  • Download your punch card or get one from the fitness zone desk. Check-in and workout punch card 4-5 days per week with no more than 10 punches. 
  • Brain foods - our registered dietitian has created a list of brain foods. Pick this up at the fitness zone desk and get your card punched. 
  • Time management tips

November 28 - December 9


January: Tire Challenge

How many times can you flip the tire in 90 seconds? Flip the tire as many times as you can to win a shirt.

February: Pull Ups

Complete as many pulls as you can in 90 seconds to win an IMS championship shirt.

March: Battle Rope

Can you keep up with the beat? Slam the battle rope to the beat of the metronome for as long as you can. The person with the longest time will win a shirt.

April: Core Bag

How fast can you complete 15 back squats, 10 cleans, and 15 walking lunges with the core bags?

May: Cycling

How many miles can you cycle in 2 minutes?