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The Latest Updates on COVID-19

Welcome back Coogs!

Campus Recreation is ready to have you all back in our facility enjoying our different program areas! Make sure to look through our website to find what sparks your interest.

Access to the facility will be granted once you have signed a facility waiver. Please log into the Campus Recreation portal before coming to the Rec Center to expedite your entry.

Campus Recreation Events

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  • GET MOVING. Outdoor Adventure is committed to introducing students to different types of outdoor activities in a safe, learning environment.

  • GET MOTIVATED. Group Fitness provides a motivating atmosphere that is conducive to working out and helping individuals reach their fitness goals.

  • GET INVOLVED. Intramural Sports features on-campus team and individual competitions for all UH students.

  • GET FIT. Personal Training provides you with enough knowledge, advice, and resources to gain confidence in any fitness/weight room environment.

  • GET EXPERIENCE. With an emphasis on hands-on learning, our First Aid/CPR/AED courses give you the skills to save a life.

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Campus Recreation is an all-inclusive facility that offers comprehensive services to enhance every component of student success. Physical, Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Cultural, Occupational, and Environmental.


Campus Recreation End of Fall 2019

Contact Information

Department of Campus Recreation
4500 University Drive
Houston, Texas 77204-6056