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Student Organizations

ispor club

GPA, Graduates and Alumni in Pharmacy Administration

Mission Statement
GPA is an organization of the Students and Alumni of the Department of Pharmaceutical Health Outcomes and Policy at University of Houston, College of Pharmacy. Our aim is to bring together the students and alumni of the pharmacy administration graduate program in order to engage in various academic, research, professional, and extra-curricular activities and projects.

Founded: 2001

Membership fees:
New members $35
Past or existing members $20

ISPOR, UH Student Chapter

Mission Statement
The University of Houston International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research Student Chapter (UH-ISPOR) is dedicated

  • To provide an environment where students can share knowledge in Pharmacoeconomics and health outcome research.
  • To represent students need and wants in regard to pharmacoeconomics and health outcome research.
  • To promote interest and awareness about pharmacoeconomics and health outcome research to various disciplines across University of Houston
  • To increase student’s knowledge about pharmacoeconomics and health outcome from a global prospective.
  • Act as a resource for new students interested in pharmacoeconomics and health outcome research
  • Provide an opportunity for student chapter members to become familiar with the ISPOR as well as have representation in its affairs.

Founded: 2002

*Members of the GPA automatically become members of ISPOR-UH Student Chapter