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Discounted Student Fare Cards

UH students are eligible for discounted METRO fare cards and passes.  To sign up, log in to myParking account via AccessUH and click on the "Get Permits" option under the "Permits" button in the top navigation bar.  This tutorial takes you through each step of the process.

To help you decide which METRO card/pass is best for you, use the chart below to see the features of each product. Regardless of whether you choose a Q Fare Card or a Day Pass, each is reloadable and offers free transfers for 3 hours when used in the same direction of travel.


Metro Q-Card Metro Day Pass

Q Fare Card

Day Pass

Offers a 50% discount on all METRO
routes, including local bus, METRORail
and Park & Ride service

Offers unlimited local bus and
METRORail services with just
3 paid taps of your card

Best value for riders who use METRO
only once or twice per day

Best value for frequent local bus and 
METRORail riders who travel three or more times daily

Offers 5 free rides for every
50 paid rides.  

Students never pay more than
$1.50/day to ride unlimited
local bus and METRORail service

Lost or stolen cards must be reported and replaced at METRO's Downtown Ride Store.

METRO Treasury Office
1900 Main Street
1st Floor
Houston, TX 77002