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Parking on Campus


The University of Houston has adopted a parking and traffic program to create an orderly traffic flow and equitable parking conditions on campus. Your personal safety, the recognition of others’ needs, campus appearance, and applicable laws were prime considerations in the formulation of these regulations.

This program is administered by Parking and Transportation Services, 4224 Elgin St., Building E, Houston, Texas 77204 (832-842-1097).

To park on the University of Houston campus, you must have a valid UH parking permit unless utilizing paid visitor parking. The permit is only transferable between vehicles and not between individuals.

The registered driver and/or permit holder is responsible for any parking citations issued to a vehicle displaying their parking permit. In the event the vehicle is not registered with PTS, motor vehicle records from the Texas Department of Transportation will be used to determine responsibility.

Park only where your permit allows. Do not park in areas that are not for your use or have a restricted status. Examples of restricted areas include fire and no parking zones, the grass, sidewalks, along curbs not designated for parking, any unmarked spot, or any place that would disrupt pedestrian or vehicular traffic. If you receive parking citations and do not resolve them, your vehicle will be subjected to tow at your expense. Vehicles may not operate on University of Houston property if they are in violation of state law.

Certain low-lying areas of the campus are prone to flooding in heavy rains. The University of Houston is not responsible for any damage or loss of motor vehicles or personal property contained in any motor vehicle on campus. Vehicle operators are responsible for familiarizing themselves with current parking rules and regulations.

For the purpose of these policies and procedures, a university holiday is defined by the closing of university business offices.