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Undergraduate Research

NSM offers a wide range of research opportunities for undergraduates at all levels. NSM students conduct research all over campus, as well as at the Texas Medical Center, the UH Coastal Center, and in industry labs. From programming computers, to pure and applied mathematics, to extended field work, wet lab experiments, and even marine research in the Galápagos Islands, NSM students gain valuable experiences that prepare them for medical school, graduate school, and their careers. Many NSM students spend multiple years working with a faculty mentor. NSM and the University offer competitive scholarships to support student researchers.

NSM Research Opportunities

NSM Opportunities

We encourage students to participate in research. Below are NSM-related opportunities and ways to get involved in research on campus. 

Research Opportunities on Campus

Learn About Other Ways to Get Involved in Research

This page covers How to Volunteer in a Lab, Senior Honor Thesis, Senior Research Project, Special Problems Course and Work Study in a Lab.

University-Wide Opportunities

University Opportunities

UH Office of Undergraduate Research encourages research participation for all majors. Sign up for research opportunity updates: email undergrad-research@uh.edu and ask to be added to the listserv.

Outside Opportunities

Explore our webpage listing research experiences at other institutions.

Should I Seek Undergraduate Research Opportunities? Yes!

Should I Seek Undergraduate Research Opportunities? Yes!

There are many benefits to participating in research as an undergraduate. Learn More

How Do I Approach Faculty for Opportunities?

How Do I Approach Faculty for Opportunities?

Learn how to determine what faculty are working on projects you are interested in and best practices for contacting them. Learn More