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Academic Standings & Readmission from Suspension

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What is Academic Notice/Academic Warning?

If you are a first time in college (FTIC) student who has earned less than a 2.00 term GPA (below a C average) in your first long term (i.e., Fall or Spring) of enrollment at UH, you will be placed on Academic Notice (also referred to as Academic Warning). The purpose of this action is to identify a potential academic problem that requires your attention.

This is not probation, and you CANNOT be suspended at this time. 

Academic Notice/Academic Warning applies only to your first term as an incoming freshman. If you do not earn a cumulative GPA of 2.00 during your second term, you will be placed on Academic Probation.

For questions about Academic Notice/Academic Warning, contact Kayla Molnar,

What is Academic Probation?

If your cumulative GPA falls below a 2.00 (and you are not a first-term freshman with 29 hours or less) during your academic career, you will be placed on Academic Probation. This serves as a warning so that you can modify your commitments and improve your study habits.

NSM majors will be required to complete an academic counseling session through Learning Advancements for UNdergraduate Cougars of Houston (LAUNCH). If you do not participate in at least one academic counseling session, a HOLD will be placed on your record which will prevent you from enrolling in courses.

What is Academic Suspension?

Once you have been placed on academic probation, if your term GPA falls below a 2.00, you will then be placed on Academic Suspension.

While you are on suspension at UH, you cannot enroll in classes here.

  • First suspension: Student must sit out the next full term, either the fall or the spring. Summer does not count as a full term.
  • Second suspension: Student must sit out 1 calendar year (12 months). NSM majors receiving a second suspension should not expect to be readmitted to NSM.
  • Third suspension: Student will not be readmitted to UH. 

NSM does not grant readmission during the summer term.

What to do While on Academic Suspension

  • Evaluate if a science or a math degree is what you really want to pursue. Do you want to work in a science or math-related field?
  • Meet with your major advisor.
  • Decide on a strategy to avoid suspension in the future.
  • Take classes at a community college or other university. Be sure such coursework can be transferred to UH and used to meet degree requirements.
  • Work on study and time management skills.

** If you wish to pursue a degree outside of NSM, you may reapply on the Apply Texas Application, but you must select Exploratory Studies. Please check the other college websites to determine what you need to do while on readmission to meet change of major requirements. You will only get one major choice selection when you apply online.

Students on Their First Academic Suspension

NSM students who have been placed on their first academic suspension are required to sit out for one long term (fall or spring) and have to reapply for admission to UH after completing their sit out term. Suspended students must comply with all the requirements associated with the university readmission process. See the Readmission for Former UH Students page for more details.

Readmission from Suspension Guidelines

Readmission from suspension is neither automatic nor guaranteed. The student must express the desire for readmission, initiate the readmission process by submitting an Apply Texas Undergraduate Readmission/Former Student Application online (along with all required credentials), and then meet with their major advisor. Failure to attend the University during the designated term of readmission will negate the readmission and the student must reapply for readmission in any subsequent term.

  • Students classified as NSM Unspecified will not be readmitted from academic suspension to NSM.
  • No student with a major outside of NSM will be readmitted from academic suspension to NSM.
  • Students subject to suspension based upon coursework 10 or more years old should consider the Academic Fresh Start Program.
  • Students with financial debt to the University will not be readmitted.

Each student will be required to meet with his/her academic advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Center (Room 115, Fleming Building) during the readmitted term for Academic Progress Advising (APA). This is an accountability meeting to make sure you are on the right track to succeed during the term. Students must attend at least one APA; an additional APA may be required by the advisor.

In addition, each student will be required to attend four workshops at LAUNCH—Learning Advancements for UNdergraduate Cougars of Houston (Room N109, Cougar Village, Building 563) one of which must be the workshop on Time Management. LAUNCH workshops may be completed online if offered.

Students may not register for more than 13 hours during readmission and will require a minimum grade point average of 2.50 (2.67 if only taking one course) with no grades of F, I, U, or W. Be certain that the courses you wish to complete will be those that you will succeed.

Readmission Procedures

It is your responsibility to fully complete your Apply Texas Undergraduate Readmission/Former Student Application, and the UH Office of Admissions must receive all required documents by the deadline. The Office of Admissions and the college strictly enforce deadlines; late applications and credentials will not be allowed. See the Readmission for Former UH Students page for more details.

The deadline to submit the application and all credentials is available on the UH Admissions website. Take note of the “Students who left on Academic Probation or Suspension” deadline that is posted.

We cannot provide information or updates on a decision over the phone. Students will receive an e-mail regarding their decision. Be sure that your destination e-mail is correct in the myUH system (e-mails are sent to the UH alias, which points to your destination).

For Fall term readmission: students should expect to be notified in June.

For Spring term readmission: students should expect to be notified in November.

Final Readmission Decisions

NSM Academic Affairs will review all complete readmission applications. You will be sent an email notifying you of your initial readmission decision. If you do not complete ALL of the requirements listed above by the deadline, you will not be eligible for readmission.

  • If disapproved for readmission, reason(s) will be addressed in the email.
  • If approved, an interview with the Academic Advisor is required. Instructions for scheduling the interview will be provided in the email. Interviews are for final approval and to remove the hold for enrollment.
  • Readmission interviews must take place at least one week prior to the start of the readmission term.