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Houston Early Research Experience (HERE)

May 2022 Research Seminar Energy: Where Does Houston Go From Here?

HERE 2022 Dates: May 16–27, 2022

Click here to APPLY for the 2022 HERE program by Friday, March 11, 2022.


The Houston Early Research Experience (HERE) is a two-week workshop intended to orient rising sophomore and junior undergraduates to the fundamentals of conducting research. UH faculty members and instructors will lead the seminars. HERE will uncover the complexity of understanding and grappling with big picture problems. Students will discuss academic topics, broaden their professional network and learn how to ask the right research questions when approaching their work. Students from all majors are encouraged to apply.

HERE students receive a $1K scholarship for their involvement and an invitation to apply for the Houston Scholars program in the fall semester.

2022 HERE Program Description
For the 2022 program, students will examine various aspects of energy in Houston.

This year's theme is Energy: Where Does Houston Go From Here? Houston has often been referred to as "The Energy Capital of the World." However, as it faces pressures to diversify its economy, confront global warming, develop alternative fuels, reduce pollution and general discussions about power in light of the Texas grid failure in February 2021, many questions remain about Houston's relationship to energy at the beginning of the 21st century. In this context, HERE students will explore the challenges and opportunities associated with the rapid changes affecting our city. In small groups led by a faculty mentor, students will develop a research proposal related to a contemporary problem, with topics ranging from energy sustainability, poor infrastructure, alternative fuels, environmental justice and more.  

HERE Orientation: 
Students accepted into the HERE Program are required to attend the orientation session, date TBD.

Eligible candidates must be a rising sophomore or junior with at least four semesters remaining at UH after summer 2022. (This means you should not graduate before spring 2024.)
Have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA
All majors are eligible.

Students may apply to both HERE and SURF in the same year.

HERE Seminar Activities
Faculty and community leader lectures and discussions
Read and discuss academic articles with seminar leaders
Conduct faculty-guided research, and develop a research question and proposal
Participate in field experiences throughout Houston
Deliver a research proposal presentation 

HERE 2022 Application Deadline: March 11, 2022

HERE 2022 Mandatory Orientation: TBD in Spring 2022

HERE 2022 Program Dates: May 16–27, 2022

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