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UH Researchers Donate Protective Equipment to Health Care Workers on Front Lines
Seamus Curran, physics professor and founder of Integricote, donated personal protective equipment from his lab to the city of Houston.

Controlled Burn Promotes Biodiversity at UH Coastal Center
UH staff, community volunteers and firefighters benefit from collaboration, burning nearly 100 acres of coastal prairie land.

Seamus Curran Honored with Silicon Valley 50 Award
Irish Technology Leadership Group chooses 50 technology executives for award.

Artificial Intelligence and Family Medicine: Better Together
UH researchers examine benefits, challenges of AI in published commentary.

‘Deceptively Simple’ Process Could Boost Plastics Recycling
The method also could advance producing plastics from natural oils.

Researchers Find Ultrahigh Thermal Conductivity in Isotopically Pure Cubic Boron Nitride
Scientists across globe build upon previous breakthrough.

New Material Could Turn Clothing into a Health Monitor
Nanomaterial can operate as an early-alert system, sensing slight changes in body temperature.

Scholar Plot: Measuring Faculty Academic Performance
Computational Physiology Laboratory creates online interface.

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