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This is a contributions list showing only those papers which have EAS graduate or undergraduate students as authors or co-authors at the time of publishing. For a complete list of contributions which includes all faculty, please click here.

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============= 2024 =============== 

Alam**, J.M., Rappenglueck*, B., Retama, A., Rivera-Hernández, O. 2024, Investigating the complexities of VOC-Sources in Mexico City in the years 2016-2022, Atmosphere, 15, 179.
Clark**, R., Wellner*, J., Hillenbrand, C., Totten, R., Smith, J. Miller, L., and 11 others, 2024, Synchronous retreat of Thwaites and Pine Island glaciers in response to external forcings in the pre-satellite era
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 121 (11),
Geophysics 89 (1), WB67-WB79: 10.1190/GEO2023-0225.1

Li**, D., Huang, L., Li, Y., Zheng*, Y., and Moore, J., 2024, Seismic monitoring of EGS fracture stimulations at Utah FORGE (Part 1): Time-lapse variations of b-values and shear-wave splitting rates of induced microearthquakes, Geothermics 120, 103005,

Li**, D., Huang, L., Zheng*, Li, Y., Schoenball, M., and Rodriguez-Tribaldos, V., 2024, Detecting fractures and monitoring hydraulic fracturing processes at the first EGS Collab testbed using borehole DAS ambient noiseGeophysics 89 (2), D131-D138,

Long**, T., Qin**, X., Wei**, Q., Zhao, L., Wang, Y., Chen, F., Myers, M., and Zheng*, Y. 2024, Quantifying the influence of clay-bound water on wave dispersion and attenuation signatures of shale: An experimental studyGeophysics 89 (2), MR77-MR90, 10.1190/GEO2022-0646.1
Payami**, M., Choi*, Y., Salman**, A.K., Mousavinezhad**, S., Park**, J., and Pouyaei+, A. (2024). A 1D CNN-Based Emulator of CMAQ: Predicting NO2 Concentration over the Most Populated Urban Regions in Texas. Artificial Intelligence for the Earth Systems, 3(2), e230055.
Soneye-Arogundade**, O.O., Rappenglueck*, B. 2024, The Variation in Atmospheric Turbidity over a Tropical Site in Nigeria and Its Relation to Climate Drivers, Atmosphere, doi: 10.3390/atmos15030367

Wei**, X. Sun*, J., and Sen, M., 2024, 3D Monte Carlo geometry inversion using gravity dataGeophysics 89 (3), 1-62, 10.1190/GEO2023-0498.1
============= 2023 =============== 

Akther**, T, Rappenglueck*, B., Osibanjo**, O., Retama, A., and Rivera-Hernández, O. 2023, Ozone precursors And Boundary Layer Meteorology Before and During a Severe Ozone Episode in Mexico City, Chemosphere, doi: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2023.137978

Bugti**, M.N. and Mann*, P., 2023, Regional source rock thermal stress modeling and map-based charge access modeling of the Port Isabel passive margin foldbelt, northwestern Gulf of Mexico, Interpretation, v. 11, no. 4, DOI:

Hu**, Y, Wei**, X., Wu*, X., Sun*, J., Chen*, J., Huang, Y., and Chen, J., 2023, A deep learning enhanced framework for multi-physics joint inversion: Geophysics, accepted for publication,

Karim, I**. and Rappenglueck *, B ., 2023. Impact of Covid-19 lockdown regulations on PM2.5 and trace gases (NO2, SO2, CH4, HCHO, C2H2O2 and O3) over Lahore, Pakistan. Atmospheric Environment 303, 119746.

**Li, Y.-P., Ding, L., *Robinson, A. C., Liu, D.-L., Xie, J., Zhang, L.-Y., Zhao, C.-Y., Yue, Y.-H., Liu, Y., Oimuhammadzoda, I., Gadoev, M. and Rajabov, N., 2023, Was cratonic Asia deeply subducted beneath the Pamir? Evidence from P–T conditions and tectonic affinities of Cenozoic Pamir crustal xenoliths, Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 41 (7), 925-965,

Mousavinezhad**, S., Choi*, Y., Khorshidian**, N., Ghahremanloo+, M., and Momeni**, M., Air Quality and health co-benefits of vehicle electrification and emission controls in the most populated United States urban hubs: insights from New York, Los Angels, Chicago, and Houston, 2023, Science of The Total Environment,

Mousavinezhad, S.**, Ghahremanloo, M.**, Choi, Y.*, Pouyaei, A.+, Khorshidian, N.**, and Sadeghi, B., 2023, Surface ozone trends and related mortality across the climate regions of the contiguous United States during the most recent climate period, 1991-2020, Atmospheric Environment,

Ramos**, J.P. and Mann*, P., 2023, Late Cretaceous-Recent tectonostratigraphic development of the Yucatan back-arc basin, northern Caribbean Sea, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, v. 24, DOI:

Shams**, S.R., Kalantary, S., Jahani, A., Shams, S. M., P., Kalantari, B., Singh**, D., Moeinnadini, M., and Choi*, Y., Assessing the effectiveness of artificial neural networks (ANN) and multiple linear regressions (MLR) in forecasting AQI and PM10 and evaluating health impacts through AirQ+ (case study: Tehran), 2023, Environmental Pollution,

Soneye-Arogundade**, O.O., Rappenglück*, B. 2023, Estimation of diffuse solar radiation models for a tropical site in Nigeria, Pure and Applied Geophysics, doi: 10.1007/s00024-023-03330-x

Sundell**, K. E., Saylor*, J. E., Lapen*, T. J., Styron, R. H., Villarreal**, D. P., Usnayo, P., and Cardenas, J., 2018. Peruvian Altiplano Stratigraphy Highlights Along-Strike Variability in Foreland Basin Evolution of the Cenozoic Central Andes. Tectonics, 37(6), 1876-1904. Doi: 10.1029/2017TC004775.

 **Villarreal, D. P., *Robinson, A. C., Chapman, J. B., Carrapa, B., Oimuhammadzoda, I., Gadoev, M. and **Li, Y., 2023, Early Cretaceous displacement on the Tanymas thrust fault, Northern Pamir, Tajikistan, and regional tectonic implications, Journal of Asian

Earth Sciences: X, 9 100147,

**Villarreal, D. P.,* Robinson, A. C., Carrapa, B., Worthington, J., Chapman, J. B., Oimahmadov, I., Gadoev, M. and ***MacDonald, B., 2020, Evidence for Late Triassic crustal suturing of the Central and Southern Pamir, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences: X, 3 100024,

Wei**, X., Sun*, J. and Sen, M. K., 2023, Quantifying uncertainty of salt body shapes recovered from gravity data using trans-dimensional Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling: Geophys. J. Int., 232(3), 1957-1978,

Wei**, X., Li**, K., and Sun*, J., 2023, Mapping critical mineral resources using airborne geophysics, 3D joint inversion and geology differentiation: A case study of a buried niobium deposit in the Elk Creek carbonatite, Nebraska, USA, Geophysical Prospecting, accepted for publication,

Wei**, X., and Sun*, J., 2022, 3D probabilistic geology differentiation based on airborne geophysics, mixed Lp norm joint inversion and physical property measurements, Geophysics, 87(4), K19-K33,

============= 2022 =============== 

Capuano*, R.M. and Jones**, C.R., 2022. Clay-cation composition of river sediments as evidence of wet versus dry paleoclimate. Applied Geochemistry, 146, article 105421 DOI: 10.1016/j.apgeochem.2022.105421

Contreras**, E., P. Jiménez García, W. W. Sager*, S. Thoram+, K. Hoernle, R. Sarralde, and H. Zhou, 2022. Bathymetry of Valdivia Bank, Walvis Ridge, South Atlantic Ocean: Implications for structure and geologic history of a hot spot plateau, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, v. 23,

Fan**, S., Murphy*, M. A., Whipp, D. M., Saylor, J. E., Copeland*, P., Hoxey, A. K., et al., 2022, Megathrust heterogeneity, crustal accretion, and a topographic embayment in the western Nepal Himalaya: Insights from the inversion of thermochronological data. Tectonics, v. 41:

Hasan**, N., Pepper, A., and Mann*, P., 2022, Basin-scale estimates of thermal stress and expelled petroleum from Mesozoic-Cenozoic potential source rocks, southern Gulf of Mexico: Marine and Petroleum Geology, https//

Hasan**, N. and Mann*, P., 2022, Deepwater passive margin foldbelts. In: Rotzien, J., Yeilding, C., Sears, R., Hernandez-Molina, J., and Catuneanu, O. (eds) Deepwater Sedimentary Systems: Science, Discovery, and Applications, Elsevier, p. 119-147. DOI:

Johnston, S.**, Brandon, A.*, McLeod, C., Rankenburg, K., Becker, H., and Copeland, P.*, 2022, Nd isotope variation between the Earth-Moon system and enstatite chondrites: Nature, v. 611, p. 501-506: DOI:

Lee**, T., Y. Wang*, K. Sun, Impact of Hurricane Ida on Nitrogen Oxide Emissions in Southwestern Louisiana Detected from Space, Environ. Sci. Technol. Lett.,, 2022

Li**, W. and Wang*, Y., Reduced surface fine dust under droughts over the southeastern United States during summertime: observations and CMIP6 model simulations, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 22, 7843–7859,, 2022

Li, Y.**, Robinson, A.*, Zucali, M.*, Gadoev, M., Oimuhammadzoda, I., Lapen, T.*, and Carrapa, B., 2022, Mesozoic tectonic evolution of the Kurgovat-Vanch Complex, NW Pamir: Tectonics, v. 41, e2021TC007180.

Romito**, S. and Mann*, P., 2022, Crustal structure of the Camamu-Almada margin along the northeastern rift segment of Brazil from an integration of deep-penetration seismic reflection profiles, refraction, and gravity modeling. Tectonics, v. 41:.

Sadeghi**, B., Ghahremanloo**, M., Mousavinezahd**, A., Lops**, Y., Pouyaei**, A., and Choi*, Y., 2022, Contributions of meteorology to ozone variations: Application of deep learning and the Kolmogorov-Zurbenko filter, Environmental Pollution, DOI: 10.1016/j.envpol.2022.119863

Salman, A.H.**, Pouyaei, A.**, Choi, Y.*, Lops, Y., Sayeed, A., 2022, Deep learning solver for solving Advection-Diffusion Equation in comparison to Finite Difference Methods, Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation,

Sayeed**, A., Choi*, Y., Pouyaei**, A., Lops**, Y., Jung**, J., Salman**, A.K., 2022, CNN-based model for the spatial imputation (CMSI version 1.0) of in-situ ozone and PM2.5 measurements, Atmospheric Environment,

Soleimanian**, E., Y. Wang*, M. Estes, Long-term trend in surface ozone in Houston-Galveston-Brazoria: Sectoral contributions based on changes in volatile organic compounds, Environmental Pollution, 308, 119647, 2022

Thoram**, S., W. W. Sager*, W. Reed**, M. Nakanishi, and J. Zhang, 2022, Improved high-resolution bathymetry map of Tamu Massif and southern Shatsky Rise and its geological implications, Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 127,

Zhang**, H., and Bird*, D., 2022, Detecting hypogenic karst features in the northeastern Delaware Basin, west Texas: Applications of Full Tensor Gradient (FTG) gravity data: Journal of Applied Geophysics, https.//

============= 2021 =============== 

Amonpantang, P.*, Wu, J.**, 2021. Structural characterization of the Phitsanulok basin, onshore Thailand, and regional tectonic implications, Marine and Petroleum Geology, 130.

Chen, Y.-W.**, Colli, L.*, Bird, D.E.*, Wu, J.*, and Zhu, H., 2021, Caribbean plate tilted and actively dragged eastwards by low viscosity asthenospheric flow, Nature Communications, v. 12,

Ejembi, J.I., Potter-McIntyre, S.L., Sharman, G.R., Smith+, T.M., Saylor, J.E.*, Hatfield, K., and Ferré, E.C., 2021, Detrital zircon geochronology and provenance of the Middle to Late Jurassic Paradox Basin and Central Colorado trough: Paleogeographic implications for southwestern Laurentia: Geosphere, v. 17, no. 5, p. 1494–1516,

Fuston, S.**, Wu, J.*, 2021. Raising the Resurrection plate from an unfolded-slab plate tectonic reconstruction of northwestern North America since early Cenozoic time. GSA Bulletin, 133 (5-6): 1128–1140.

Ghahremanloo**, M., Choi*, Y., Sayeed**, A., Salman**, A.K., Pan, S., and Amani, M., 2021, Estimating daily high-resolution PM2.5 concentrations over Texas: machine learning approach, Atmospheric Environment.

Guan, Q., Dong, D., Zhang, H.**, Zhang, S., Lyu, X., and Wang, Y., 2021, Characterizing the characteristics of natural fractures in shale based on the modified petrophysical model: Natural Gas Industry B, v. 8, p. 325-333,

Hasan, M.**, Potter-McIntyre, S., and Tedesco, 2021, Wrench faulting and trap breaching: A case study of the Kisler North Field, Lyon County, Kansas, USA: Midcontinent Geoscience, v. 2, p. 1-14

Hasan, N.**, and Mann, P.*, 2021, Structural styles and evolution of the Campeche salt basin, southern Gulf of Mexico: Marine and Petroleum Geology, v. 133:

Hussein, M.**, Stewart, R.*, and Wu, J.*, 2021, Which attributes are best for subtle fault detection? Interpretation, v. 9, p. T299-T314,

Hussein, M.**, Stewart, R.*, Sacrey, D., Wu, J.*, and Athale, R., 2021, Unsupervised machine learning using 3D seismic data applied to reservoir evaluation and rock type identification: Interpretation, v. 9, p. T549-T568,

Kenning, J.**, and Mann, P.*, 2021, Cenozoic structural deformation between the Lamprea fold-belt and Salina del Bravo salt province by interacting salt and shale detachments, western Gulf of Mexico, Journal of Structural Geology, v. 153:

Paris, A.**, and Stewart, R.*, 2021, Predicting reservoir quality in the Bakken Formation, North Dakota, using petrophysics and 3D seismic data: Interpretation, v. 8, p. T851-T868,

Ramon-Duenas, C.**, Wellner, J.*, and Munoz, Y.**, 2021, Sediment transport and deposition in flood-tidal deltas: Insight from the Texas coast: Sedimentary Geology, v. 416,

Smith, T.**, Sundell, K.**, Johnston, S.**, Guilherme-Andrade, C.**, Andrea, R., Dickinson**, J., Saylor*, J., Liu**, Y., Murphy, M.*, Lapen, T.*, 2019 Upstream to downstream effects of Laramide tectonics: Drainage dynamics in north-central New Mexico, Basin Research, DOI:

============= 2020 =============== 

Arellano, L. N.**, Good, S. P., Sánchez-Murillo, R., Noone, D. C., Jarvis, W. T., and Finkenbiner, C. E., 2020, Bayesian estimates of the mean recharge elevations of water sources in the Central America region using stable water isotopes, Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, v. 32, p. 100739, DOI:

Andrade, C.N.**, Chafetz, H.S.*, Lapen, T.J.*, 2020, Paragenesis of silicified mid-Paleozoic and mid-Cenozoic corals based on petrography and silicon isotopic analyses. Chemical Geology,

Capuano*, R.M., and Jones**, C.R., 2020, Cation exchange in groundwater-chemical evolution and prediction of paleo-groundwater flow: a natural-system study. Water Resources Research, 56, e2019WR026318.

Carvajal-Arenas, L.C.**, Torrado**, L., Mann*, P., and English, J., 2020, Basin modeling of Late Cretaceous/Mio-Pliocene petroleum system of the deep-water eastern Colombian basin and South Caribbean Deformed Belt: Marine and Petroleum Geology, doi: j.marpetgeo.2020.104511.

Catlos, E., Mark, D., Suarez**, S., Brookfield, M., Giles Miller, C., Schmitt, A., Gallagher, V., and Kelly, A., 2020, Late Silurian zircon U-Pb ages from the Ludlow and Downton Bone Beds, Welsh Basin, UK. Journal of the Geological Society,

Clark, J.V.**, Sutter, B., McAdam, A.C., Rampe, E.B., Archer, P.D., Ming, D.W., Navarro-Gonzalez, R., Mahaffy, P., Lapen, T.J.*, 2020, High‐Temperature HCl Evolutions From Mixtures of Perchlorates and Chlorides With Water‐Bearing Phases: Implications for the SAM Instrument in Gale Crater, Mars. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets,

Fan**, S., and Murphy*, M. A., 2020, Three-dimensional strain accumulation and partitioning in an arcuate orogenic wedge: An example from the Himalaya: GSA Bulletin,

Fonseca, M.**, Hathon, L., Lapen, T.J.*, 2020, A Real-Time Method to Identify Brittle Zones in Carbonate-Rich Mudrocks using Bulk and Trace Element Geochemistry: A Study in the Eagle Ford, Haynesville, and Niobrara Formations. Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC).

Ghahremanloo**, M., Lops**, Y., Choi*, Y. and Mousavinezhad**, S., 2020, Impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on air pollution levels in East Asia, Science of The Total Environment,

Hu+, H., Xia**, K., Hilterman*, F., Zhang**, Y., 2020, Amplitude-versus-angle analysis of local angle-domain common image gathers with prestack Gaussian beam migration of Seismic data, IEEE, Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 58(8): 5969-5975. Doi: 10.1109/TGRS.2020.2973654

Hsieh**, Y., Suppe*, J., Byrne, T. and Lallemand, S., 2020, The Chimei submarine canyon and fan: A record of Taiwan arc-continent collision on the rapidly deforming over-riding plate: Tectonics,

Johnston**, S., Cannon**, J., and Copeland*, P., 2020, Post-Miocene erosion in central Nepal controlled by midcrustal ramp position, duplex growth, and dynamically maintained elastic strain: Tectonics, v. 39, e2020TC006291.

Kenning**, J., and Mann, P.*, 2020, Regional thermal maturity modeling of hydrocarbons along the deep-water Yucatan margin, southern Gulf of Mexico, in Davison, I., Hull, J., and Pindell, J., eds., The Basins, Orogens, and Evolution of the Southern Gulf of Mexico and Northern Caribbean, Geological Society, London, Special Publication 504,

Kenning, J.**, and Mann, P.*, 2020, Control of structural style by large, Paleogene mass transport deposits in the Mexican Ridges and Salina del Bravo, western Gulf of Mexico: Marine and Petroleum
Geology,, published online January 23, 2020.

Kilgore, M.L.**, Peslier, A.H., Brandon, A.D.*, Schaffer, L.A.**, Morris, R. V., Graff, T.G., Agresti, D.G., O’Reilly, S.Y., Griffin, W.L., Pearson, D.G., Gangi, K.***, Shaulis, B.J., 2020. Metasomatic control of hydrogen contents in the layered cratonic mantle lithosphere sampled by Lac de Gras xenoliths in the central Slave craton, Canada. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 286, 29–53. doi:10.1016/j.gca.2020.07.013

Leslie**, S., and Mann*, P., 2020, Structure, stratigraphy, and petroleum potential of the deepwater Colombian basin, offshore northern Colombia: Interpretation:

Li, W. **, Wang, Y.*, Bernier, C.**, and Estes, M. (2020). Identification of sea breeze recirculation and its effects on ozone in Houston, TX, during DISCOVER‐AQ 2013. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres,125, e2020JD033165.

Li, Y-P.**, Robinson, A.C.*, Lapen, T.J.*, Righter, M.*, Stevens, M.K.**, 2020, Muztaghata Dome Miocene Eclogite Facies Metamorphism: A Record of Lower Crustal Evolution of the NE Pamir. Tectonics,

Li, Y.-P.**, Robinson A. C.*, Gadoev M., & Oimuhammadzoda I. (2020). Was the Pamir salient built along a Late Paleozoic embayment on the southern Asian margin? Earth and Planetary Sciences Letters. 550, 116554. DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2020.116554

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============= 2019 =============== 

Amonpantang, P.**, Bedle, H., Wu, J.*, accepted, Multi-attribute analysis for channel element discrimination in the Taranaki basin, New Zealand, SEG Interpretation. doi: 10.1190/int-2018-0174.1.

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Eslami, E.**, Salman, A.K.**, Choi, Y.*, Sayeed, A.**, Lops, Y.**, 2019, A data ensemble approach for real-time air quality forecasting using extremely randomized trees and deep neural networks, Neural Computing and Applicaiton, doi:10.1007/s00521-019-04287-6

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