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Changes to Geosciences Learning Center Tutoring during Period of Online Instruction

The Geosciences Learning Center has transitioned to online tutoring via Microsoft Teams. Ask your professor how to join the digital Geosciences Learning Center Team for help.

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences operates the Geosciences Learning Center (GLC) on the first floor of Lamar Fleming, Rm 136. The GLC is staffed by department faculty and graduate students who are available to help students with classes in our department.

The purpose of the Geosciences Learning Center is to provide a second approach to the study of Geology, outside of classroom-led instruction. The study of geosciences can cover a vast amount of material and the time spent in formal classes is limited. The GLC provides opportunities for hands-on examination of minerals and rocks, a selection of geology videos, interactive computer programs, and one-on-one or small-group tutorials. The GLC staff also conducts a number of short on-campus field trips, guides students on tours of the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and coordinates field trips to Central Texas and Galveston.

While available to answer queries on a wide variety of geologic topics, an important role of the GLC is to provide assistance to students registered in the introductory classes, particularly Physical Geology, Historical Geology, Earth Systems, Introduction to Climate Change, Mineralogy, and Introduction to Geophysics. The ultimate goal of the GLC is to make learning easier and more enjoyable by allowing a more personal encounter with geologists, geophysicists, and atmospheric scientists.

Course Information

The Learning Center currently provides support for all of the current undergraduate courses. Assistance will be provided during regular Learning Center hours. For more information, please contact Jinny Sisson or Daniel Hauptvogel.

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GLC Information

Fleming Building - Room 136
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204
(713) 743-6732

M-F 8:00am - 7:00pm



Daniel Hauptvogel
Coordinator, Geosciences Learning Center
Office Hours: TBA
Office: Science and Research 1, Rm 330

Dr. Jinny Sisson
Coordinator, Geosciences Learning Center
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday anytime. Tuesday and Thursday, 9am - 2pm.
Office: Science and Research 1, Rm 236-A