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Student Contributions

Please check both listings for the completeness of the contributions (note the lists go back to January, 2012):

  • Are these lists complete for your own publications or publications by your students? We rely on individuals to submit their own references in the correct format through the EAS ticket system below - so keeping the list updated with your contributions would require action on your part. 
  • Note that we only want to list papers on these lists that are published or in press in journals with an assigned DOI:
  • These contributions lists would not include papers that are drafts or in review manuscripts - or abstracts, extended abstracts, and conference proceedings that lack a DOI. 
  • We only list papers where one author has listed the UH Dept of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences as their present - or “now at EAS” affiliation following a previous affiliation. If there is no link printed to UH then we would not include it on the contribution lists. 
  • If you recall these lists from before you recall there was a search function.  This has been removed along with its accompanying database script to simplify the listing of the papers. 

How to update contributions list with a new contribution that fits the above criteria:

  • Go to EAS office support ticket on the first page of the EAS website -
  • Fill out name information and check category with box: Website related work.
  • Type out reference exactly as it should appear.  Add correct symbols for identifying EAS faculty author*, EAS grad student author**, EAS undergrad student author***, or EAS postdoc+ author.  Non-EAS authors or coauthors would not have a symbol. 
  • Please use the correct format for the reference so no further editing of your submission is needed.
  • The correct order of the reference elements include: authors with correct EAS symbols, year, title, journal, volume number if provided, page numbers if provided, DOI:

Example of a correct format: or check others on the lists:

de los Santos***, M., Lawton, T., Copeland*, P., Licht, A., and Hall*, S., 2016, Magnetostratigraphy, age and depositional environment of the Lobo Formation, southwest New Mexico: Implications for the Laramide orogeny in the southern Rocky Mountains, Basin Research, doi:10.1111/bre.12226

For requests always use the EAS ticket system and avoid sending personal email requests to either Jay Krishnan (EAS webmaster) or (EAS web coordinator). The EAS ticket system creates a log of web-related requests that is easier to maintain and track than personal email messages.