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Undergraduate Resources

Tutoring Resources

COSC Peer Mentors
Days/time vary by course and mentor
Via MS Teams

Courses: COSC 1306/1336, 1430/1437, 2430/2436, 2440/2425.
Join: For Spring 2021 - use MS Teams code fjw7ada

Scholars Enrichment Program Tutoring
Days/tie vary by course and tutor
Via MS Teams

Courses: COSC 1306/1336, 1430/1437, 2430/2436 and BIOL, CHEM, COSC, MATH, PHYS
Join: Visit the SEP website for join details and schedule

LAUNCH Peer Tutoring
Mondays - Fridays
9AM - 5PM (varies by course)
Via MS Teams

Courses: MATH, BIOL, CHEM, ENGL, and many others
Join: Visit the LAUNCH page join details and schedule

CASA Tutoring Center
Days/Times varies by course and tutor
Via MS Teams

Courses: MATH
Join: Visit CASA website for join details and schedule

CougarCS Tutoring (student organization)
Via Discord

Courses: COSC
Join: CougarCS Tutoring discord

Academic Success Resources

LAUNCH—Learning Advancements for UNdergraduate Cougars of Houston

Career Resources

University Career ServicesUCS offers a multitude of services to assist students on their pathway to success. Engage with career counselors through one-on-one career planning workshops - ranging from mock interviews, resume critiques, to job hunting. Through building these skills, students and alumni are empowered to investigate their pathways and network with employers to find the right industry for them.

STEM Career Video Series - advice from our alumni covering multiple topics to assist in student success. Below are the topics covered.

  • The first C, beware of the “I have this” attitude as an entering freshmen, cramming, using the TAs and study groups
  • Sitching majors, networking
  • Family support, finances, time management, the first F
  • Rural high school with a class of 11 versus the 300 person lecture hall, valedictorian but failed first class and how to recover
  • Changing majors
  • Failing the first exam and recovery
  • Importance of student activities and leadership experiences
  • Paying for school yourself and dealing with parent illness

External Resources

  • AccessComputing - The Alliance for Access to Computing Careers (AccessComputing) helps students with disabilities successfully pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in computing fields, and works to increase the capacity of postsecondary institutions and other organizations to fully include students with disabilities in computing courses and programs. This is a National Science Foundation funded project that provides mentoring, tutoring, job placement assistance, and funding for career development activities for students with disabilities in computing-related fields.