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Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses and Descriptions

Undergraduate Course Policies

  • Grade of C- or higher required in COSC course prerequisites (effective Fall 2021):
    • Per College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics policy, no course in the major with a grade below C- can be used as a prerequisites for any required or elective major course. Students with more than six (6) hours below C- in their major courses are not allowed to enroll in subsequent major courses without written permission.
    • All COSC courses with course-specific prerequisites require a grade of C- or better in the prerequisites to enroll or remain enrolled in the course. This policy applies to all students regardless of major.
      • For example, if COSC 5678 has a prerequisite of COSC 1234 and MATH 1234, a grade of C- or better is required in COSC 1234 and MATH 1234 to enroll or remain enrolled in COSC 5678.
    • Students who do not meet the prerequisites requirement may be dropped from the course.
  • Current UH undergraduates taking COSC prerequisites outside UH (effective April 2018):
    • If you are enrolled in a course outside of UH that is a prerequisite to a UH COSC course, you must show proof of the following in order to be considered for enrollment/wait-listing for the next course.
      1. Passed the prerequisite course with a C- or better, and
      2. Requested an updated official transcript be sent to UH (guidelines to send transcripts to UH)
    • To enroll/waitlist in a UH COSC course, send the following to proof@cs.uh.edu:
      1. Documentation proof (e.g. screenshot, unofficial transcript pdf, etc.) of your final grade
      2. Documentation proof (e.g. screenshot, pdf, copy of email confirmation, etc.) of the official transcript request/receipt
      3. The UH COSC course number and section(s) you are wanting to enroll/waitlist in.
      4. Your 7-digit myUH/Student ID number
    • The information will be evaluated and if approved, you will be sent an email with enrollment information.
  • Typically Semester Course Offerings
    • Some courses listed in the Undergraduate Catalog are not offered on a regular basis. Consult previous semester course offerings to get an idea of what courses might be offered in a future semester.
  • Course Waitlists
    • Being on the waitlist does not guarantee enrollment in the course. Be sure to have a backup.

Grievance Procedures

Below outlines the procedure for redress of a student grievance concerning academic and instructional* matters.

* Because assigning a grade or evaluating a student’s academic performance involves the faculty’s professional judgment and is an integral part of the faculty’s teaching responsibilities, disagreement with an instructor concerning a grade or evaluation is not a justifiable grievance under this policy. In cases where such is in question, the faculty member shall be responsible for the assignment of grades.

  1. Informal Procedure: Students should first contact the instructor or individual with the appropriate concern. Every effort shall be made to resolve the issue between the student and instructor through this informal procedure. If the issue is not resolved through this process, the student may begin the formal department grievance process.
  2. Formal Department Grievance Procedure: A student with a justifiable grievance that can be substantiated should initiate the formal department grievance process during the academic term when the concern arises or within 90 calendar days of the posting of final grades for the course, regardless of the student’s enrollment status. To initiate this process and for additional details, please visit the COSC Department Grievance Procedures page.
  3. Formal College Grievance Procedure: students not satisfied with the outcome of the department decision may appeal to the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) within fifteen calendar days of receiving the departmental decision. Details of the NSM procedures can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.