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Phones & Accessories

A variety of accessories are available which can be used in place of a traditional desk phone. Phones and accessories can be purchased at Unified Communications portal using your UH credentials or departments can purchase them from any other retailers.

All phones and accessories listed under Unified Communications are compatiable with UH Unified Communications services.

These are the types of phones that are supported by Microsoft Teams.

Native Teams User Phones

                                                           AudioCodes C455HDDBW                  AudioCodes C470HDDBW

                                                                AudioCodes C455HDDBW                         AudioCodes C470HDDBW

Features C455HDDBW C470HDDBW
Physical buttons Phones
Touch screen Phones Phones
Advanced Features - Call Park, Delegate Phones Phones
Better Together (BT based) Phones Phones
Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Phones Phones
Expansion module Phones
Skype/Zoom support
Quick Reference Guide AudioCodes C455HD Quick Reference Guide AudioCodes C470HD Quick Reference Guide
Manual Using the AudioCodes C455HD Using the AudioCodes C470HD

Wireless and Wired Headset Recommendations

Logitech Zoned Wired HeadsetLogitech Zoned Wired Headset


Jabra Evolve2 65 Wireless Headset


Jabra Evolve2 65 Wireless Headset


Jabra Engage 65 Wireless Headset

Jabra Engange 65 Wireless Headset


Common Area & Conference Room Phone Recommendations

AudioCodes 405HD    Poly Trio C60

        AudioCodes C405HD

Please Do Not assign this phone to individuals since most integrations with MS Teams are not available.


           Poly Trio C60




Note: UIT is not responsible for pick-up or delivery of department purchases. This includes phone devices and accessories.


For Microsoft Teams related questions or problems, send email to