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Make a Call - Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams - Windows

Dial a Number 
  1. Click on the Calls icon.
  2. Enter the number (or contact name) of the person you want to reach by using the dial pad.
  3. Then click Call.

 Make a Call - Microsoft Teams


Call a contact

  1. Click the Calls icon.
  2. Under the Calls section, click on Contacts.
  3. Click the call icon next to the contact name you want to reach.

 Make a Call - Microsoft Teams


Watch a short video on making a call with Microsoft Teams!

Microsoft Teams for Mac

To make a call: 

  1. Launch MS Teams.
  2. Select the Calls category on the left side.
  3. Dial the number using the keypad.
  4. Then click Call.


 Dial a number for mac

Watch a short video on making a call with Microsoft Teams for Mac!


Dial a Long-Distance Number

Your long-distance authorization code must be entered using the Microsoft Teams keypad.

To dial a long-distance number:

1. Dial a long-distance number or select a long-distance Contact.
2. In the Conversation window of the long-distance call, click the
Keypad icon.
3. Wait for the beep, and then enter your long-distance code using the keypad. If you
enter your long-distance code too soon, the call will fail.

Long Distance Code

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