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Build a Microsoft Teams Conference Room

Why Microsoft Teams Is the UH
Conference Room Solution
Core Requirements
to Build a Microsoft Teams Conference Room
Two Recommended Configurations
  1. Audio Visual A/V Equipment is the same as on your desk, classroom, and conference rooms. Across various platforms, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.
  2. Microsoft Teams provides A/V Conferencing functionality
  3. Web Conference (PowerPoint sharing, application sharing, whiteboard, etc.)
  4. On-Premises Audio Conferencing
  5. Higher Resolutions for Video Content
  6. Microsoft Teams client provides several avenues of conferencing capabilities
  7. Group IM and peer to peer file sharing
  8. Scalability - 250 users per conference/meeting or larger
  9. Federation with external Microsoft Teams users
  10. Record audio, video, application sharing, etc. locally to your hard drive and upload to various content providers
  1. TV/Projector
  2. USB Web camera
  3. Audio & Microphone
  4. PC w/ Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  5. Wireless or Wired Network Connection
  1. Design #1 (details below) is for small to mid size conference rooms less than 10 seats
  2. Design #2 (details below) is a mobile conference room solution

Prices shown are for reference only. For current prices, contact your office supply vendor.

Design #1 Design #2
TV/Projector 80” Sharp or 86” Avocor Interactive TV
$10,000 to 12,500
70” Sharp or 65”
Avocor Interactive TV
$4,000 to $5,000
USB Web Camera Logitech MeetUp HD
Logitech MeetUp HD
Audio & Microphone Already included in the Logitech MeetUp HD Already included in the Logitech MeetUp HD
Computer w/ Wireless
Keyboard & Mouse
Dell OptiPlex
mini w/Wall Mount
Dell OptiPlex
mini w/Wall Mount
Network Connection Wired
Fixed or Mobile Cabinet
Other Accessories Mounts, cables, etc.
Mounts, cables, etc.
Total Est. Cost $16,250 $9,700