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Richard Murray Scholarship

The Richard Murray Endowed Scholarship was established in 2008 for the purpose of honoring Dr. Richard Murray's service to the Houston community and over 50 years of teaching and research at the University of Houston.   

An Overview of Dr. Murray's Accomplishments

  • Taught political science at UH since 1966
  • Founded the Hobby Center for Public Policy (HCPP) in 1981 with a small group of UH faculty

  • Established the HCPP’s polling operations in 1981

  • Co-authored Pro-Growth Politics Change and Governance in Houston (1991)

  • Served as director of the HCPP from 1996-2006

  • Created the HCPP’s Houston Government Internship Program in 1996

  • Launched the computer assisted survey system in the Survey Research Institute in 2000

  • Awarded the Bob Lanier Chair in Urban Public Policy in 2004 

Richard Murray at City Hall

From left to right: Mrs. Elyse Lanier, Mayor Bob Lanier, Dr. Richard Murray, and Debbie Hartman-Murray

The Award 

The Richard Murray Endowed Scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding undergraduate student who shares a passion for politics and policy, has a strong academic commitment and demonstrates a dedication to public service. A minimum of one $1250.00 award will be presented every year. Private funds were raised to endow this scholarship.   

Congratulations to Shiva Baradaran, Danielle Niangar, and Aylin Rodriguez, Spring 2019 Recipients


Shiva Baradaran: "Thank you so much for providing the Richard Murray Endowed Scholarship. Being a recipient of this award means a great deal to me. My huge passion for politics is what brought me to the University of Houston as a political science student and has taken me to the internships I have been lucky to hold. None of this would have been possible for me without the aid of kind people like you."

Danielle Niangar: "By awarding me with the Richard Murray Endowed Scholarship, you have significantly lightened my financial burden, which allows me to focus more on preparing for my researching fellowship in Italy, applying for graduate school, and my volunteerism here in the United States. Your generosity has inspired me to give to the community, and I hope to one day be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have done with me."

Aylin Rodriguez: "By alleviating some of my financial burden, I will immerse myself in my education and projects for the upcoming semester. I will use this scholarship to the best extent possible because I understand that by receiving and accepting this scholarship, I am representing those who have a passion for politics and public service both inside and outside the classroom." 

View Past Recipients  

Eligibility Criteria 

The scholarship recipient(s) will be determined by the Richard Murray Scholarship Committee comprised of Hobby School of Public Affairs representatives. Criteria includes the following:

  • Scholarship prospect exhibits leadership qualities as determined by the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Scholarship Committee.
  • Scholarship applicant should have a strong academic commitment and demonstrate dedication to public service.
  • Scholarship applicant should demonstrate a passion for politics and policy.
  • Scholarship applicant can be a certified full-time undergraduate or graduate certificate or degree-seeking student in good standing at the University of Houston.
  • Scholarship recipient must maintain a GPA in accordance with the standards set by the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Scholarship Committee.
  • Scholarship recipient may accept other scholarships and grants in conjunction with the Dr. Richard Murray Scholarship.
  • Funds can be used to cover expenses for tuition, books, fees. and/or supplies for the coming academic semester. Any expenses of a recipient in excess of the amount deposited must be borne by the student.


Download the application.  Application deadline: December 1, 2020.