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Social Economy and Enterprise Academy Internship

Social Economy and Enterprise Academy


Students participating in this project enroll in an intensive summer course taught by Dr. German Cubas (CLASS), Dr. Pablo Pinto (Hobby School of Public Affairs), and Dr. Piruz Saboury (CLASS). The purpose of this class is to connect undergraduate students with nonprofit organizations from the Houston area in order to help them meet their social goals. Students will apply and develop skills in high demand in the job market through social good. Enrolled students will work in teams under the direct supervision of faculty, will work closely with the leadership of the nonprofit to develop a social enterprise idea, conduct quantitative research or create a venture plan. Students that qualify will be eligible for the new Honors designation, “Honors in Co-Curricular Engagement” academic plan.


Undergraduate, Master of Applied Economics, Master of Public Policy students will be able to earn 3 credits of applicable undergraduate upper level elective hours or applicable graduate elective/internship hours. The course is open for all majors and may be of particular interest for students majoring in Business, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Public Policy, and Political Science. Students are encouraged to take the "Social Economy" class which will be offered in the Spring 2022 semester. More advanced data analysis courses such as Econometrics or Regression Analysis are also recommended.


The program will be held in Houston during the Summer 2022 Session 2 from June 6 - July 7.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for qualified applicants.


Applications are currently closed. 2022 application

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