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ELPS K-12 Testimonials

Welcome to our departmental website, and thank you for taking the time to discover more about our people and programs.

K-12 Programs
Ana Aguilar

Ana Aguilar, Executive Ed.D. K-12 Professional Leadership

"Being part of the Executive Leadership Ed. D. program at the University of Houston has been a phenomenal experience.  The program is designed for practitioners and has a wonderful balance of research and leadership courses that have already been put to practice in my professional life.  I consider it a privilege to be part of a Tier I institution that has the best interest of the students as the center of their program.  The leadership and professors in the DELPS College of Education are highly qualified individuals with the knowledge and expertise to help you grow as a student and professional.  The cohort experience is a great opportunity for collaborative learning and networking that really make this program one of a kind.  I am thrilled to be part of this program and look forward to the continued learning and growth as I continue my studies."
Marcela Baez

Marcela Baez, Executive Ed.D. K-12 Professional Leadership

"I am excited to return to my alma matter, UH as this Tier I Executive Ed.D. in K-12 Professional  Leadership program has been stellar thus far.  The coursework and experiences shared by our professors have not only helped me improve my practice as a campus instructional leader but have also provided me a much more reflective and effective change leader experience.  In addition to the opportunity to work with and learn from our cohort of skilled leaders, the knowledge and skills I’ve gained have helped me better serve the needs of my students, district and community."
Samantha Brooks

Samantha Brooks, Executive Ed.D. K-12 Professional Leadership

"As a student enrolled at a Tier I institution, I am pleased to experience a Tier I education in the Ed.D. Professional Leadership program. Dr.'s Rolle and MacNeil set the bar for self-directed learning, challenging academic discourse, and quality writing. I look forward to continued challenges in my coursework, networking opportunities, and preparation to further my pursuits in change leadership."
Michelle Burke

Michelle Burke, Executive Ed.D. K-12 Professional Leadership

"This program will challenge you in a way in which you don't see your own transformation! As you go through the program you begin to do on-going self-reflection and intentionally make decisions towards a more trasnformational leader. The professors will challenge you, respectfully question your thoughts; forcing you in voluntary self-reflection. I can say I am not the same leader as when I first entered the program."
Yolanda Calhoun

Yolonda Calhoun, Executive Ed.D. K-12 Professional Leadership

"I am honored to say that my experience in the Executive Leadership Ed.D. Program, at a Tier 1 University that just recently received an “R1” rating for its world class research, has been nothing short of being exceptional. At the University of Houston, I was blessed to have the support of my professors who challenged my abilities throughout the course of this journey, and the staff who assisted me with all of the little things that we tend to take for granted. The bond that was formed and the friendship established among our cohort will be everlasting."
Jeff Collier

Jeff Collier, Executive Ed.D. K-12 Professional Leadership

"I have loved my experience in the Ed.D in Professional Leadership program at the University of Houston. The professors have all been very understanding, insightful, and great to work with. It is clear that they are building a strong faculty for this program and I could not ask for better students to be a part of my cohort. My eyes have been opened to many different issues facing education and I have learned a lot about myself in the process. I am thrilled to be a part of this program and can't wait to see the opportunities that will arise upon completion."

Dameion Crook

Dameion Crook, Executive Ed.D. K-12 Professional Leadership

"My experience in the Executive Leadership Ed. D. program at the University of Houston has been nothing short of incredible! The program is an ideal mix of theoretical and practical training that is preparing me for a prosperous career in educational leadership. The professors in the College of Education at UH are caring, approachable and among the top scholars and teachers in the profession. They are truly an invaluable resource to any student pursuing a career in education. Looking back, I had several options when deciding to pursue doctoral work and I am 100% sure that the University of Houston Executive Leadership Ed. D. program was the right decision."
 Megan Dickey

Megan Dickey, Executive Ed.D. K-12 Professional Leadership

"University of Houston has been a catalyst in opening my eyes to the root causes of our community’s struggle to educate all children to a level of excellence. The knowledge of the staff and the rigor of the curriculum is the perfect mix to create an environment of progressive thinking to tackle the current challenges in education."
Lynn Gillman-Rich and Tim Feges

Tim Feges, M.Ed. Administration and Supervision

"Saturday Seminar is great because we have the opportunity to hear from experts in the field. We have learned vital information as future principals, which has created a sense of the vast responsibilities of a leader of a school." (pictured with Clinical Assistant Professor Lynn Gillman-Rich)
 Richard Garfield

Richard Garfield, Executive Ed.D. K-12 Professional Leadership

"As the Head of School of a growing private school I chose University of Houston because of the deep experience and commitment to practice I found amongst the faculty. This program is in touch with the real challenges facing educational leadership in the 21st century. The professors are also respectful of the reality of busy professionals returning to university and have designed the program accordingly."
 Fred Lewis

Fred Lewis, M.Ed. Administration and Supervision

"The M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision offered by the University of Houston’s College of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies is second to none.  I researched several graduate programs in Educational Leadership and the UH DELPS program continually wound up on the top of the list.  In an application process with dozens of applicants competing for one position, I know my degree will stand out from the crowd.  The internships that are strategically built in to every semester of the DELPS program offered the opportunity to gain invaluable real world, real time experience that simply would not be possible in any other format.  The support of the professors throughout the year-long program has been amazing.  They are passionate, professional educators that truly care about the work they are doing.  The professors work to ensure that every student graduates ready to not just land a job in administration, but to excel in that position and be prepared for wherever their career takes them.  As I complete my M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision, I am confident that I am prepared to enter the world of educational administration and know that I have a solid foundation to stand on as my administrative career begins."
 Sergio Lira

Sergio Lira, Executive Ed.D. K-12 Professional Leadership

"My experience in the Doctorate of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies was on target.  My U of H professors provided a two years' experience filled with high levels of administrative support, high academic expectations, and rigorous, relevant coursework.  This is the ideal program for any transformational urban or suburban educational leader.  This program has prepared me well for my future educational endeavors and increased my educational acumen."
Matthew Mahony

Matthew Mahony, Executive Ed.D. K-12 Professional Leadership

"The Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Houston gives me a chance every week to improve myself and the district I serve.  In the Ed.D. program, I can continue my education, apply what I learn to my profession, connect with other inspiring educators from the greater Houston area, and learn from faculty who have served in the public-school setting and are accomplished in academia. Philosophically, the program believes in everything an aspiring educator could want – to always work with students and families in mind as you strive to increase your impact as a leader. I am grateful I decided to continue my schooling at the University of Houston, and I know the DELPS program will continue to positively influence my life and the lives of the families I serve."  

 Bobby Martinez

Bobby Martinez, Executive Ed.D. K-12 Professional Leadership

"As a recent graduate with an Executive Ed. D. in Professional Leadership, I am confident that the experiences gained in this program have prepared me to become a more effective and efficient leader.  Along with gaining valuable research knowledge from a Tier I research institution, I was able to explore many areas of my own research interests.  The faculty and staff also provided our cohort with relevant coursework, which has had a direct impact on my practice as a public school leader.  I was also offered many opportunities to network with some amazing instructional leaders in the greater Houston area.  The Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Houston is committed to your personal and professional growth."
 Gladys Moton

Gladys Moton, Executive Ed.D. K-12 Professional Leadership

"As a proud doctoral graduate of the esteemed University of Houston Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, I am exceptionally delighted to share my amazing experience. The Executive Leadership Program has developed me as a transformational leader through relevant and practical coursework. The dedicated faculty and staff were phenomenal. My dissertation chair was nothing short of amazing as her guidance proved invaluable. The small cohort experience was a wonderful network and support system throughout the journey."
 Franceska Murray

Franceska Murray, M.Ed. Administration and Supervision

"My experience in the Fort Bend ISD and University of Houston Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Cohort Program has been nothing less than exceptional. My district leaders and University of Houston professors have both provided me with an adeptness of leadership qualities and practical experiences to enhance my capabilities as a future administrator. Through this program, I know that I am prepared to be a transformative leader that will positively impact the lives of students and families. I am also confident that I will empower educators and cultivate an atmosphere of leadership among my community."
 Michael Ortiz

Michael Ortiz, Executive Ed.D. K-12 Professional Leadership

"Choosing to attend the Executive Leadership Ed.D. program at The University of Houston has been one of the best academic decisions of my life. This program is challenging, inspiring, and informative. The professors provide rigorous instruction with an exceptional balance of research and leadership. As the captain of my cohort, I could not have wished for a greater group of individuals to go through this process with. Of all the educational options at my disposal, I’m extremely grateful to have chosen the University of Houston. Go Coogs!"
 Kristine Varney

Kristine Varney, M.Ed. Administration and Supervision

"In the UH M.Ed. program, I've worked with teachers and school leaders who care immensely about the work they do. The program grounds discussions of current research in the realities of our school experiences, recognizing that the research serves little purpose for us if it cannot be applied. My colleagues in the program bring rich backgrounds and varied experiences that liven any class discussion, and I appreciate their diverse perspectives in tackling challenges that emerge. Just as we seek to educate the whole child in our K-12 classrooms, the UH faculty members seek to educate the whole person, reminding us that as school leaders, self-care is of the utmost importance. The mindfulness and meditation techniques I learned in the program have impacted my life outside of school, helping me to find focus and clarity when the inevitable moments of stress arise. With courses taught by caring and compassionate practitioners with real leadership experience in the field of education, I can be sure I will be well prepared for a leadership role in any school setting."