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At the Valenti School of Communication, we work to support our students both inside and outside of the classroom. Learn about the resources we make available to our students, below.

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Job and Internships Portal

Our students have the benefit of studying and interning in Houston, the country's fourth largest city. Houston offers many areas in which students can intern - from health communication to broadcast journalism. To help students break into the local communication industry and gain the skills needed for a successful degree, we maintain an up-to-date job and internships portal.

Student Organizations

While internships are important, they are not the only ways for students to sharpen their burgeoning skills. Our school is home to many registered student organizations that attract communication majors, including the American Advertising Federation, the Public Relations Student Society of America, The Association for Women in Commmunication and more.

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Learning Abroad

At the Valenti School of Communication, we offer a host of opportunities for students to travel abroad. Our faculty-led trips, which tend to be open to all University of Houston students, give students the chance to experience other cultures firsthand and study a communication-related topic in depth. We also work to support opportunities for individual students to intern abroad.

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