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Journalism, B.A.

Why study journalism?

Journalists serve as watchdogs for public interest issues. Journalists investigate the world around them effectively and report these findings accurately. Students will develop an understanding of the political, economic and social contexts that coincide with disseminating news.

Our approach in teaching journalism

To stay ahead of today’s trends, we take a multimedia approach to producing content. In addition to learning traditional forms of journalism, such as writing skills and reporting, we also focus on sharpening students’ technological skills. Social media, data journalism, and visualization are key skills in today’s globalized world.

What makes our program unique

Our journalism program expands beyond the traditional classroom setting. Our classes are designed to mimic real-world newsrooms. Not only do we offer core journalism classes - such as Writing for Print and Digital Media - we also offer classes in global journalism and a minor in Latino Journalism to help students gain diverse journalism experiences.

On campus is the Center for Student Media, houses the University of Houston’s daily newspaper, radio station and TV network. It is a space that all journalism students are encouraged to explore. All of our on-campus media organizations are student-led and student-run, allowing students to gain a uniquely real-world experience that complements classroom learning.

Our students walk out prepared

Our faculty consists of award-winning journalists with many years of experience. Our journalism students flourish under their direction. Our alumni base include journalism success stories such as legendary sportscaster Jim Nantz, Emmy-award winning investigative reporter Amy Davis, CNN sports anchor Andy Scholes.

One way that we make sure our students are prepared for successful careers in journalism is through partnerships. Houston is the eighth-largest media market in the United States, and our program maintains positive relationships with many local media organizations. This gives our students unique access to internships and job opportunities in a thriving job market.

Featured Courses

  • Multimedia Journalism
  • Social Media and News
  • Electronic News

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