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Effective Fall 2019, incoming undergraduate students will have the option to get a strategic communication degree. This degree program features four concentration options: Advertising, Integrated Communication, Organizational/Corporate Communication or Public Relations.

  • Advertising Concentration

    Advertising is the key revenue source for media. It’s all about turning products into brands, and using creativity to form a message to share with the public. Studying advertising teaches students to create a lasting concept - not just an avenue for sales. Our students learn to embed a brand in the minds of the public. Through creativity, advertising professionals build a message that can be shared with the public, and that the public can share among its members. Learn more

  • Intergrated Communication Concentration

    Communication is converging. Today, brands must coordinate their marketing, public relations, and advertising efforts in concert with one another, and organizations must hire storytellers who can navigate this shifting industry. Our integrated communication concentration offers a top-level view of the field, allowing students to study public relations, advertising, and marketing concurrently, in the digital world. Learn more
  • Organizational/Corporate Communication Concentration

    Our organizational/corporate communication students learn about the inner-workings of organizations and how communication is used to collaborate with, lead, and manage othersur program prepares students to become global leaders who bring the needed mix of interpersonal and business communication skills to their projects. approach teaches theories and principles relevant to the management of corporate, nonprofit and governmental organizations. Learn more

  • Public Relations Concentration

    A company’s “publics” are its audiences and stakeholders. Public relations (PR) is the art of maintaining a positive relationship with these groups. An essential function for every brand, public relations involves listening to publics, discovering how they feel about an issue and/or organization, and then helping their client or organization craft meaningful campaigns or programs that help meet the publics’ needs. Learn more

Strategic Communication Degree Program

Interested in our strategic communication major? Visit the University of Houston Undergraduate Catalog to learn more about its courses and major/ minor requirements.