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Our Commitment to You

We work to maintain a Tier-One graduate program that caters towards students - whether they are interested in professional advancement or laying the foundation for a competitive Ph.D. program.

To accomplish this, our graduate program is committed to:

  • Fostering a social and collegiate community for graduate students both within the Valenti School of Communication and the University of Houston.
  • Supporting networking among the communication professional community in Houston for practitioner-oriented graduates.
  • Helping assimilate graduates into the communication discipline and profession.
  • Advancing research through conference attendance, collaborations with faculty and other academic researchers, and participating in research presentation.

Important Forms

View Our Student Handbook

[Excerpt] There are three graduate concentrations available at the Valenti School of Communication: mass communication studies, public relations studies and health communication studies. Students' degree programs are selected when completing the graduate school application form. Graduate students at the Valenti School of Communication demonstrate mastery in their area(s) of study through one of the following options:

  • The thesis option (30 credit hours) allows you to conduct and present original research in your area of study.
  • The comprehensive exams option (33 credit hours) allows you to demonstrate mastery of all the course content you’ve taken in our graduate program.
  • The project option (33 credit hours) also allows you to demonstrate mastery of your area of study by designing and implementing a project.

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