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At the Valenti School of Communication, we recognize that effective, compelling communication requires good storytelling.

Businesses and professionals who cannot adapt risk affecting their bottom lines. Regardless of their industry, business model or customer base, employers are seeking graduates who can command the technologies of the future and use them to tell their organizations' stories.

Since 1978, we have produced next generation storytellers who are educated, tech-savvy and ethical. Our students exhibit deep critical thinking skills and command the cognitive, research and professional skills required to excel in this ever-changing, challenging and exciting new digital era.

Media Production


Since our inception, the Valenti School has kept pace with the demands of the communication field by diversifying our curriculum.

Our curriculum allows students to choose a specialization based on their interests. At the undergraduate level, we offer a Bachelor of Arts in communication in one of several areas of specialization. We also offer minors in all of those areas. At the graduate level, we offer a Master of Arts degree in health communication, mass communication studies and public relations studies.

The Valenti School faculty is supported by many years of industry experience.

Our faculty, lecturers and staff all work diligently to ensure that students are prepared for their futures before ever walking across the stage and flipping their tassels. We employ full-time faculty who offer both face-to-face and virtual classes on three UH campuses: Central, Sugar Land and Northwest. Additionally, we employ lecturers from the Houston-area business community to lend their professional expertise in our classrooms each semester.

The Valenti School's Communication Technology Center (CTC) is an award-winning facility exclusive to communication students.

It is an Apple Certified Training Center that also houses three classrooms. Additionally, we have a media production studio and a control room large enough to house an entire lab section.

Our convergent learning environment allows students to take advantage of the technologies in our computer lab and media production facilities which model real-world environments. These spaces have become the heart of the school.

Valenti students are given groundbreaking opportunities in the city of Houston.

Our instruction model provides opportunities for students to apply the communication theories learned in the classroom in a practical setting. Valenti students have access to numerous community internship opportunities and build pro bono campaigns for nonprofit organizations as part of class projects. Through such work, our students join the ranks of Valenti students who are a visible, important presence in the Houston community. They are transforming the nation’s fourth largest, diverse city.

The Valenti School also offers plenty of opportunities for students to join the student chapters of communication organizations that provide networking and professional development as well as community service projects to enhance their classroom experiences.

Valenti Alumni are among the world-renowned experts.

Valenti alumni include Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers, ESPN sports broadcasters, local news anchors, investigative reporters, news editors, authors, corporate communication executives, health communicators, bloggers, public relations professionals, advertising executives, film directors, photographers, videographers, digital storytellers and professors.

Our school has a history of excellence and achievement.

Learn more about the Valenti School of Communication’s mission, history and namesake.

  • Mission & History

    Since 1978, we have existed as the University of Houston’s first school of communication. Read about the mission that drives us and our unique history.

  • About Jack J. Valenti

    University of Houston graduate Jack Valenti redefined Hollywood and shook up the communication industry. Learn more about our school’s namesake and the legacy he left.

  • Valenti Virtual Tour

    Want to explore our school? Tour our school in minutes through our newest virtual tour.


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The Valenti School of Communication is home to multiple state-of-the-art facilities and a beautiful, well-kept building.

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