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Media Production, B.A.

Why study media production?

Today, anyone with a cell phone holds in his or her hands a device capable of shooting, editing, and disseminating a message with the possibility of reaching a global audience. However, merely having a device capable of that process is different than understanding how to effectively use that device in order to reach your audience. That requires the unique ability of understanding how to tell stories that make people want to listen or see them-- a skill that includes a healthy mix of creativity, critical thinking and technical skills. Our media production students learn and expand on those areas to enter the workforce with the ability to understand how to tell a story that is compelling, visually attractive, and well-executed.

Our Approach

Quite simply, our media production students learn how to tell a good story. We then hone their visual communication and oral presentation skills so that they have a solid foundation for any production career they pursue. From film cinematography to broadcast news, there is no limit to what our students can do.

To help their training, our school is home to the Lance T. Funston Communication Center, a state-of-the-art media and content production facility that includes two production studios connected via a large control room. The Funston Center hosts many of our media production labs, which give students the opportunity to work with the technologies needed to create successful productions. In addition, editing and audio suites are available for students to use, all complete with all the necessary software to make any project look professional. Writing, producing, directing, and editing are all skills that will be honed at the Valenti School of Communication.

Hands on experience with industry partnerships

At the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication, students receive experience both inside and outside of the classroom. From producing content in classes that airs locally to jobs and internships at major news organizations and media production facilities, the city of Houston is more than just our location--it is the lab in which our students hone their skills.

Featured Courses

  • Electronic Field Production
  • Digital Cinematography
  • Producing and Directing
  • Documentary Filmmaking

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