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At the undergraduate level, we offer Bachelor of Arts degrees in several areas that cover everything from strategic to technical communication skills. All of our degrees are available as majors and minors.

Areas of Study

Effective Fall 2019, our majors have been consolidated to five areas of study. All incoming students will declare majors from the new areas of study.

Want to declare a COMM minor?

All of our majors are also available as minors, plus Film Studies. Students who want to declare a communication minor must have a 2.00 GPA for all courses attempted in the minor at the University of Houston, with at least a C in each course. A minimum of 18 hours – nine of which must be advanced and nine of which must be in residence – are required for all communication minors, except for the Film Studies minor which requires 12 advanced hours.

For more information, visit our online course catalog.

Considering graduate school?