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Energy Career Fair

The UH Energy Career Fair is a collaboration between UH Energy, the UH student organization, Energy Coalition and University Career Services (UCS). This event is an opportunity for energy-related companies and non-profits to recruit top UH talent! This event is open to all majors but is targeted towards Business, Engineering, Technology, and Science majors who are interested in the energy sector. Energy industries represented include: Fossil fuels, electrical power, nuclear power, and renewables. We also welcome non-profits, government agencies and start ups.

Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Time & Location: 1-4PM, UH Student Center 

Cost: Corporate: $450 / Non-profit: $350 (Registration includes meal, parking and booth for 2 representatives) Extra Reps: $30 per representative 

Registration & Payment deadline: September 14, 2022

Participating employers:

Students attendees:

  • Free to attend! RSVP through Cougar Pathway
    • Why RSVP? Your resume will be shared with participating employers & it helps our team make sure we have enough volunteers to make sure the event runs smoothly for you 
  • Check out the list of participating employers
  • Tips: Dress in business professional attire & bring multiple copies of your resume