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Office Security - TEN POINTS to Remember

  • Never leave handbags on desks or wallets in coats in your absence. Take them with you or lock them away.
  • Always keep money in a safe place. Even for the coffee fund, never leave money in an unlocked drawer during the day. At night, secure money in a locked drawer or remove from building.
  • Be careful with keys. Always put them in a safe place and do not put spare keys for safes, etc., in desk drawers. Secure them elsewhere.
  • Do not accept that a stranger is authorized to be in the building because he says so. Check with someone in authority. If the stranger is from the Post Office or printer repair company, someone in your office should know. Never allow anyone to remove office equipment without first confirming.
  • Never assume a stranger wandering in the building is a member of the staff. Challenge him. "Can I help you?" will often deter a dishonest person.
  • Don't be intimidated by visitors. If the person wants to see an employee, make sure that person is announced and expected.
  • Never leave visitors alone in your office. Verify if someone can see the visitor.
  • Do not disclose confidential information. No matter how important the person, always report requests for information to your supervisor.
  • Do not assume honesty. Safeguard your property and that of the employer.
  • Lock all doors in your absence. It's easy to forget, and a thief can come and go in a few minutes.

Please help us to help you - report all suspicious persons or activities.

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