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Explosions can be the result of an accident, or the intentional actions of an individual or group of individuals designed to cause damage to buildings/property and injury or death to individuals. All explosions which happen on campus should be immediately reported to the University of Houston Police Department by dialing extension 3-3333, and then to the Houston Fire Department by calling 911.

Initial UHPD Response

The responding UHPD Officers will be concerned with setting up a perimeter around the blast site to keep non-essential medical and rescue personnel away from the area. UHPD will also provide traffic control for responding medical / rescue personnel as staffing allows. UHPD Officers are not trained to evacuate individuals who are injured by the explosion.


UHPD will assume responsibility for making all on-campus notifications. Notification of the family of injured individuals will be handled as follows:

Faculty and Staff – Human Resources

Students – Office of the Dean of Students


The investigation of all explosions which happen on campus, either accidental or intentional, will not start until after the injured have been removed and treated, and the blast site deemed safe for public safety personnel to enter. The investigation will be coordinated by UHPD with the assistance of local (HFD Arson) and Federal (ATF) assistance as needed or requested.


The University’s response to all press inquiries regarding explosions shall be coordinated through University Media Relations.