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Bomb Threats

The University of Houston Police Department has developed a “Bomb Threat Checklist” to be used in the event that someone places a bomb threat against any property owned, leased or otherwise controlled by the University of Houston. Copies of this checklist have been distributed campus wide, and UHPD recommends that a copy be kept by all office phones. A copy of the checklist can also be obtained here.

If a bomb threat is received, simply use and complete the checklist when speaking with the caller. After the caller hangs up, immediately report the threat to UHPD by calling 911. Remain by your desk until the officer(s) arrive. Please give the completed checklist to one of the responding officers. A supervisory officer shall, as soon as possible, notify the person in charge of the threatened building and provide adequate information in order to allow for informed decisions.

Search of Buildings

All searches shall be conducted by UHPD Officers with the assistance of the senior manager of the threatened building and with the aid of those Faculty / Staff members familiar with the building and its contents.

Evacuation of Buildings

The decision to evacuate a building upon receipt of a bomb threat is made on a situational basis – i.e. how credible is that particular threat. Buildings may be evacuated immediately at the discretion of the Chief of Police in concert with the senior management official within the threatened building (if available). Additionally, each individual police officer has full authority accorded them by the President's office to cause the evacuation of any University building under exigent circumstances. Once the decision to evacuate has been made, UHPD Officers responding to the location will direct you to safe locations away from the building.


UHPD is responsible for all notifications upon receipt of a bomb threat.


The University’s response to all press inquiries regarding Bomb Threats shall be coordinated through University Media Relations.