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About UHPD

The University of Houston Police Department (UHPD) is the primary police authority for the University of Houston. The police officers of UHPD are peace officers of the State of Texas whose primary jurisdiction is any county in which the University of Houston owns, leases, rents, or controls property. Their law enforcement authority is derived from the Texas Education Code Sec. 51.203 which allows the University of Houston System Board of Regents to employ and commission peace officers, as well as the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure art. 2.12 which identifies who are peace officers in the State of Texas. UHPD also employs civilian security officers to supplement the police presence, helping to increase the visibility of the department, be more accessible to the community, and provide posted security in critical locations.

UHPD also has police and security personnel stationed at other University of Houston System locations that do not have an independant police department, namely, University of Houton Victoria, University of Houston at Sugar Land, and University of Houton at Katy. 

UHPD's headquarters are at 4051 Wheeler Street at the southwest corner of the University of Houston. Our Chief of Police is Ceaser Moore, Jr., who is also the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Police Operations for the University of Houston System.