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Bicycle Registration

Why Register?

Bicycle theft is big business on college campuses nationwide. As the price for new bicycles increases each year, their resale value also increases. 

The University of Houston Police Department encourages you to take a few simple steps that may protect you from becoming the victim of bicycle theft. One of the most important steps is registering your bicycle on your UH Parking account. Registration is required of all students, faculty and staff who have a bicycle on campus. Registration takes only minutes to complete and is of no cost to you. Registration, along with adequate locking mechanisms, decreases the likelihood your bicycle will be stolen, and significantly increases the likelyhood that it will be recovered. 

Owner and bicycle information will be recorded and maintained in a computer database for future use if it is needed in the event of loss or theft. A numbered registration sticker will be provided to be affixed to your bicycle frame to make identification by police easier. Registration often provides the only means of returning a stolen bicycle once it is recovered by police.

How to Register:

For more information about the process of registering your bicycle, please visit Parking and Transportation's Bicycle Registration information page

If you have questions about bicycle registration please reach out to Parking and Transportation at  

Tips for Keeping Your Bicycle Safe:

Please visit our resource page on securing your bicycle