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  • Schedule Your Next Virtual Meeting with UHPD’s Finest!

    Schedule Your Next Virtual Meeting with UHPD’s Finest!

    Hear the latest safety and security campus updates from Chief Ceaser Moore as part of your next virtual organizational meeting.

    From SGA, Staff Council, Faculty Senate, and more, UHPD has been meeting virtually with student, staff, and faculty partners. We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your next organizational or departmental group meeting. Be sure to follow @UofHPolice on Twitter

  • Permitless Carry Update

    Permitless Carry Update

    The Texas Legislature enacted the Firearm Carry Act, HB 1927, which provides for Permitless Carry (sometimes referred to as “Constitutional Carry”) in certain places and under certain circumstances. HB 1927 excludes universities from the places where permitless carry is allowed. More information can be found at MAPP 07.01.05 – Campus Carry Policy and on the UH Police Department campus carry website.
  • Faculty, Student, Staff COVID-19 Testing Incentive

    Faculty, Student, Staff COVID-19 Testing Incentive

    Stay safe, get tested, get $2 Cougar Cash or ShastaBUCKS added to your account. By appointment only, the free testing service is located in front of the UH Student Center South from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, visit the UH COVID-19 website.
  • UH Bike Registration

    UH Bike Registration

    Students, faculty and staff who have a bicycle on campus are required to register it. Registration takes only minutes to complete and is free. A registration sticker will be provided and should be placed on the bicycle. Log in to your myParking account through AccessUH to register.
  • Cougar Ride

    Cougar Ride - After-Hours Shuttle

    The Cougar Ride After-Hours Shuttle Service is a new program from Parking and Transportation Services that provides rides to and from all on-campus shuttle stops, as well as MD Anderson Library and Cougar Village/Moody Towers. The service is part of the multi-faceted approach of the Transportation & Security Work Group.