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Civil Protests

UHPD is committed to assisting the University in its goal of fostering a learning environment where free inquiry and expression are encouraged. The University expects that persons engaging in expressive activities will demonstrate civility, concern for the safety of persons and property, respect for University activities, respect for those who may disagree with their message, and compliance with University policies and applicable local, state and federal laws.

NOTE: See MAPP 13.01.01, Freedom of Expression, for specific details regarding demonstrations on campus.

Preparation for Civil Protests

UHPD will assign officers as appropriate to monitor scheduled Civil Protest. Additional officers will be called in to assist as necessary. Upon receiving a call regarding an unscheduled civil protest, an officer will be dispatched to the location of the protest to determine the circumstances surrounding the unscheduled event. The officer will advise the on-duty Patrol Sergeant, who in turn will advise a member of the Command Staff of the situation. Additional officers will be assigned as deemed necessary.

Dispursal Order

In all non-riotous civil protest situations, the decision to allow the protest to continue, and under what circumstances, will be made by a member of the University Administration. If the decision is made to allow the protest to continue, an officer will remain to monitor the protest. If the decision is made to not allow the protest to continue, a member of the University Administration will advise the protest leaders) that they need to disperse in accordance with the provisions of MAPP 13.01.01. If the group refuses to disperse after being informed to do so, UHPD Officers, either alone or with the assistance of additional, non-UHPD Police Officers, will take whatever enforcement steps, up to and including making physical arrests, necessary to disperse the crowd.


UHPD is responsible for all notifications in the event of a civil protest.


The University’s response to all press inquiries regarding Civil Disorders shall be coordinated through University Media Relations.